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WILL THE DOMINOS FALL - are honest elections still possible?

WILL THE DOMINOS FALL - are honest elections still possible?

July 8, 2021

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Guests: David Jose, Josh Barnett, Christina Oden
It is no longer a question of whether voter fraud exists, it is a question of how much, how often and how completely the American election process has been compromised by corrupt politicians, irresponsible courts, negligent state/local officials and hostile foreign governments in control of our media and academia.

The audit in Maricopa County, Arizona is nearly complete and collated forensic data will be carefully analyzed before public disclosure within the next several weeks.  This massive effort to reconstruct the 2020 Presidential and Senatorial Election in just one large Arizona county has taken several months and uncountable man hours by election integrity volunteers and professional auditors to complete.

Will the results of the forensic audit be a big nothing-burger like so many Democrats and progressive Republicans predict, or prove beyond a shadow of doubt that massive voter fraud is not only possible, but happened in such magnitude that just one large county could alter an entire state election outcome by percentages that boggle the mind?  Just how deep does the rabbit hole go, and how many dominos may fall if we unleash the forensic audit process across America?


ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE - Exposing the big steal!

ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE - Exposing the big steal!

April 28, 2021

Full Show Description:      Guests: Alan Jones & Mary Fanning 
Alan & Mary were absolutely central in putting together the statistical data, computer networking data, all the stuff that was involved in Mike Lindell's Absolute Proof and the new Documentary Absolute Interference.

Alan Jones and Mary Fanning are investigative journalists with a well deserved reputation for uncovering fraud, corruption and political intrigue at the very highest levels of government. Known for connecting the dots between events and the enormously powerful players behind the scenes that buy/influence politicians, control academia, own the mainstream media, and are the ultimate powers behind the throne, Mary and Alan have exposed some of the most corrupt people, ideas and programs hamstringing liberty in America and around the world.

BUYING THE VOTE IN MONTANA how to steal a national Senatorial election!

BUYING THE VOTE IN MONTANA how to steal a national Senatorial election!

October 25, 2018
The Montana Senatorial campaign of 2006 was the turning point for control of the United States Senate. Democrat Jon Tester won the seat over 3 term incumbent Republican Senator Conrad Burns when the DNRC spent massive amounts of cash on a very divisive campaign of attack ads and accusations against Burns that were later exposed as lies. Tester won with a very thin margin of victory, so thin that it was claimed by his friend, then Governor Sweitzer, that the victory was only achieved with a mathematically impossible 100% Democratic sweep of Montana’s 7 Indian tribal reservations.
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