Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

Patented Gain Of Function Chimeras - Spike Proteins As Tools Of Population Control

December 24, 2021
The reason we are doing this particular podcast is to provide an alternative to those who have already taken the vaccines and (trust me on this) unlimited boosters that will be required, and to provide a process to protect yourselves against the spike proteins that are attacking your circulatory system.
One of the most debilitating aspects of both Covid and the vaccines is the introduction of spike proteins that attach themselves throughout your your entire cardio vascular system and increase the risk of blot clots, stroke and heart attacks by many multiples. This especilly impacts the miles of small capillaries that make up the overwheming percentage of the total cardio vascular system. Spike proteins attack the very thin lining of the cardio vascular system known as the endophelium that is essential for smooth blood flow. This has also been proven by medical professionals, but has been suppressed by academia and the lamestream media. The fact that autopsies of Covid patients both vaccinated and unvaccinated are virtually nonexistent makes very little sense until you realize that the end game is not stopping/suppressing the virus; it is about removing/controlling the greatest number of people for the greater good of humanity. Under their socialist utopia the human life form must transmutate through a greatly reduced human population and therein the exponential reduction in human consumption of limited resources (sustainability).

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