Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

7K Metals (from Sound Money=Prosperity 4-23-2019)

April 23, 2019

Hello to my faithful listeners of the Connecting the Dots with Dan Happel radio program.  My name is Dan Happel and I have spent the past four decades uncovering and exposing the truth to folks concerned about the future of America.  We have seen a literal takeover of our public institutions by Marxist ideologues intent on destroying the concepts of freedom and individualism.  America is uniquely prosperous because of our sacred right to own property and the freedoms that could only exist in a constitutional republic. The destruction of our monetary system is at the core of efforts to turn America into a Marxist technocracy.  A financially strong and independent America would never willingly buy into the Marxist vision of cradle to grave total control. That is why they must destroy our prosperity if they are to succeed.  That’s where 7K Metals enters the picture.

Would you like to buy ANY quantity of gold or silver at AMAZING WHOLESALE PRICES while supporting the Connecting the Dots with Dan Happel radio program at the same time? Well now you can!

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