Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel
Shatter the Illusion and Step Outside the Matrix at The Red Pill Expo

Shatter the Illusion and Step Outside the Matrix at The Red Pill Expo

November 8, 2022

A very powerful show with guests, G. Edward Griffin, Dr. Alphonzo Monzo, Nathan Desheemaeker.

Welcome to Red Pill Expo #9, November 12th and 13th in Salt Lake City, UT. 

As always, we have an amazing cast of Red Pill speakers to help our attendees shatter the illusion and step outside the matrix that has turned freedom loving and happy individuals into fearful and paranoid victims of oppressive police state controllers. (Attend Live or Live-Stream)

Two Red Pills take on the Utah Government…

Two Red Pills take on the Utah Government…

October 31, 2022 “The Two Red Pills”, Jen & Sophie, with public records requests were able to get the contracts, the emails, the texts and other communications of Utah government officials and find out why Utah's children were being muzzled....

Learn how they have been taking action and fighting for their freedoms in Utah and how you can do the same in your state!

Meet them at The Red Pill Expo where we Bring Utah Patriots together to network and take action. Bring some friends, drop some red pills, meet new allies in the fight for truth & freedom.  Use Code "GAB15" (Live or Live-Stream)

HUNTERS LAPTOP Part 2 - just the tip of the iceberg!

HUNTERS LAPTOP Part 2 - just the tip of the iceberg!

October 27, 2022

The more we learn the more we realized how well the FBI and media coverup worked.

New evidence from the laptop suggests that Hunter Biden was a well compensated go between for China and Russia in the area of energy production and consumption of fossil fuels. 

After his 2021 coronation, Papa Joe Obiden cancelling the Keystone XL Pipline and ended all new drilling leases on Federal lands to hobble our energy sector's ability to respond to national emergencies. 

He was even selling some of our strategic petroleum reserves to foreign countries; notably China.

Although a thorough forensic audit including financial and political transactions would have been demanded years ago if this laptop had belonged to a Trump family member, the media is doing everything possible to ignore the obvious; the Biden family are involve in corruption up to their eyeballs. 

Corruption would actually be a gross understatement.......a more accurate description is outright national treason at an international level.

If this election does not result in a wholesale change in the direction of our country, we will have squandered the last best hope to save America from the Marxist enemies within, and it was all there on Hunter's laptop waiting to be exposed!!!!!!


RULE OF LAW or LAW OF RULERS? - Hunter Bidens Laptop

RULE OF LAW or LAW OF RULERS? - Hunter Bidens Laptop

October 25, 2022

The two gentleman joining us today, are two great American patriots, and a powerful group of guys.  Get ready for a kick ass show.

Terry Turchie, was the number 3 guy at the FBI counter terrorism unit... His leadership was the driving force behind the capture of two of the most elusive and solitary domestic terrorists in U.S. history.

Gus Dimitrelos -Was the top Forensic Expert for the Secret Service in the country, tasked to determine what was on Hunter Biden's laptop and if it had been tampered with.

He's going to share with us what he found on Hunters Laptop.  Gus is the CEO of Cyber Forensics, Inc. an international digital forensics consulting and services corporation.

He is certified as a cyber and mobile forensics expert and has testified in International, Federal and State courts in classified, criminal and civil matters.

He is also a certified Federal and State court expert in cellular historical data reconstruction commonly referred to as cellular triangulation or call detail records (CDR) analysis.

Show Info / Video:

Meet like minded people at The Red Pill Expo November 12-13
(Use Code GAB15 for 15% Off) - Live or Live-Stream


Welcome to the world of AI, mind control and transhumanism

Welcome to the world of AI, mind control and transhumanism

October 19, 2022

Join Dr. Carrie Madej, G. Edward Griffin and Dan Happel live in Salt Lake City Utah.  Nov. 11-12

Guest: Dr. Carrie Madej and Kate Allison Shemirani

Why are WEF bigwigs and UN planners now openly bragging about the many benefits of using vaccine mandates to implement their AI/ transhuman agenda to modify human behavior, DNA, and connect everyone to the internet cloud?

What substances are in these Covid-19 inoculations that are so secretive that we are not allowed to even question their efficacy without facing serious retribution from our own government and big tech censors?

Why are they being recommended for all children as young as 6 months old when the chances of dying from the actual disease is practically zero for anyone under 20 years old?

The more we learn, the more we realize that the Covid-19 plandemic was never about the disease, it was about getting every living human on the planet inoculated...


Join Dr. Carrie Madej, G. Edward Griffin and Dan Happel LIVE in Salt Lake City Utah.  Nov. 11-12  (or live-stream)



Dysfunctional Leadership with Lieutenant General (ret) Thomas McInerney, Mary Fanning and Alan Jones

Dysfunctional Leadership with Lieutenant General (ret) Thomas McInerney, Mary Fanning and Alan Jones

October 14, 2022

Full Show Info:

Holy crap, what can go wrong next?  Every day our dimwitted leaders seem to be making fewer logical decisions than ever before.  
Nothing makes sense until you stand back and look at the big picture.  You know; the one about genocidal depopulation schemes to save mankind from itself and total control by an effete group of political insiders, banksters and industrialists.
Only then does it all start to make sense.

Thomas McInerney, Lieutenant General, USAF (ret) is a political commentator and a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General, who served in top military positions under the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the United States.  McInerney was a forward air controller and fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and had flown 407 combat missions during his four tours of duty.  In addition to his Vietnam service, McInerney served overseas in NATO; Pacific Air Forces and as commander of 11th Air Force in Alaska.
Alan Jones is an investigative journalist who broke a series of national security stories at Washing Times Communities.
Mary Fanning is an investigative journalist who covers the Middle East and national security. Ms. Fanning is also the founder of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens.
Because of their extensive high level connections throughout the National Security community, their information is accurate, extremely credible, and usually published months or even years before it reaches the downstream media.

Join Dan Happel and G. Edward Griffin live in Salt Lake City Utah


”ALTERNATIVES” to the the cashless society

”ALTERNATIVES” to the the cashless society

October 8, 2022

Today's guests will be speaking at in Salt Lake City Nov. 12-13.  Join us Live or Live-Stream
Today's Guests:
David Morgan, Monetary Analyst, Publisher of The Morgan Report: How Precious Metals can Protect you from the Cashless Society & Social Credits.
Kent Lewiss, Creator of the Freedom-Social Internet platform and the 1776 Crypto-Token: New Monetary System to be Launched in November

I am contacted on a daily basis by friends and family concerned about the escalating dollar inflation and the rumors of impending economic collapse at both a national and international level.  Their alarm is well founded, and reflects the lack of faith in the current national and international leadership that has been taking us from one false flag calamity to another, and not by accident.

President Franklin Roosevelt is quoted as saying "nothing that happens in government happens by accident.  If it happens you can bet that it was planned that way".

The sad truth is that since the adoption of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, we have been part of a planned exercise to steal the wealth of average working and saving Americans through usery (interest) and inflation until no-one owns anything but the bankers and financial elite that designed the system for just that purpose.

In fact, the same process has been practiced all over the world by a very small but elite group of international banksters with one common goal in mind; fleece the public until the whole system is about to collapse, then implode all national fiat currencies in a way that forces everyone to accept a worldwide digital cashless society that these banking elite designed and totally control.

Then they can tie digital money into an international social credit system that forces citizens into total acquiescence and compliance if they want to eat or live; a system of complete servitude.

The Founding Fathers understood the power and potential evil of Central Banks and battled Hamilton and the Federalists, knowing that control of the money meant control of the people.

Our Constitution is specific about the definition of sound money.

Corrupt politicians and the enormous influence of international bankers have destroyed any semblance of monetary stability here or abroad by denying that constitutional logic.

The trick will be in building an asset backed monetary system that functions digitally without vulnerabilities to hacking and control by central banks.

We will look at a few possibilities that might allow that to work.

This podcast is in no way meant to provide investment advice; merely information for your individual discernment.



The FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of America is complete.  The only task to complete is the elimination of those pesky American patriots.

The FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION of America is complete. The only task to complete is the elimination of those pesky American patriots.

October 6, 2022

 Join us in Salt Lake City, Utah, November 12-13
The Red Pill Expo
...Be there live or watch the live-stream


The "shadow government" has had significant presence for much of our existence as a nation.  Money = power = influence = corruption = control; a very simple formula to define how the total sellout of the political process happened.

Big business, big banking and special interests have bought and paid for the U.S. political system with the willing help of the useful idiots and high I.Q. nitwits of the left. 

The America that we all thought we knew has ceased to exist. 

The question is whether it might somehow be brought back to life?


The Death Rattle - god help us now

The Death Rattle - god help us now

October 4, 2022

Join G. Edward Griffin and Dan Happel LIVE in Salt Lake City Utah.  Nov. 11-12  (or live-stream)

We are quite literally hearing the Death Rattle of the Republic of The United States of America.
Are we so cowardly and selfish that we would sell our children and grandchildren into slavery at the hands of evil men and women determined to control us all?
More importantly, are we willing to give their souls to Satan and forget the promise of eternal salvation that they are guaranteed if they give our lives to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?
This should not be a hard choice, but for the many steeped in collectivist/atheistic group-think, breaking away from the herd is not so easy and requires that true believers go outside of their comfort zone and act like the leaders God wants us to be.
It is truly the time to choose between good and evil. There is no half way or soft landing for those who fail to stand and be counted.
We must rush to the death bed of our republic and do whatever is necessary to save America from the evil forces intent on destroying her.
Will the County Sheriffs Prosecute against the dangers of untested medical experiments?

Will the County Sheriffs Prosecute against the dangers of untested medical experiments?

September 26, 2022

Full Show Info:

FINDING SOLUTIONS- legal & medical solutions in troubled times

We have a unique opportunity to stand with County Sheriffs and Medical Professionals to identify and prosecute against the dangers of untested medical experiments.


The best counter to their genocidal agenda is; although an uphill battle, use the law and the court systems to illustrate their diabolical plans and bring them before the court of public opinion.

Not easy, but do-able under our current legal system.  A case in point is the Covid-19 plandemic and the unconstitutional mandates to force the entire population to submit to the JABs.

The evidence is mounting that it was never about curing the disease, it was about forcing the entire population to be vaccinated with a technology that we knew very little about.  This technology has the capability to change our DNA and impact our physiological makeup in ways that few outside of the Big Pharma inner circle truly understand. It is becoming increasingly clear that the cure is infinitely more deadly than the disease.


G. Edward Griffin Presents: The Red Pill Expo - Salt Lake City November 12-13 - 2022




September 22, 2022

Full Show Info:

The death of Queen Elizabeth II marked a milestone that will have repercussions for countless generations.

With the death of the Queen, Charles III becomes the King of England.

Why is this important?

Because Charles, like his father Phillip before him, is a radical Green Marxist who is firmly ensconced in U.N. Agenda 21/2030 and the Paris Accords, including radical human population reduction programs. 

Although on the surface he pays lip service to The Church of England and Episcopal faith, as a Green Marxist he is strongly anti-Christian and has openly professed his faith to Gaia, the Earth goddess. 

As the Monarch of the British Commonwealth, Charles III will be in control of 54 votes in the General Assembly of the U.N. and, unlike his deeply humanitarian and centrist mother, will not hesitate to leverage those votes to advance the radical global green agenda as quickly as possible. 

The British Monarchy under King Charles III will take a decidedly left turn toward a radical green totalitarian system of world technocratic government controlled by an elite few, some claiming to be of the Nephalem bloodline. 

I know that some will say these words are sheer madness…………………until you do your own research.
Read your Bible!

G. Edward Griffin Presents - The Red Pill Expo in Salt Lake City - November 12th - 13th 2022
Be there Live or watch the Live-Stream


Game Of Gods

Game Of Gods

September 14, 2022

Full Show Info:

Marxist useful idiots and high IQ nitwits are working feverishly to "fundamentally transform" America into their Utopian vision.  Then what?

As the evil side of socialism becomes harder to hide and even harder to explain, I think of the many well meaning Utopian socialists that completely bought into the lie that not all socialism has to turn out badly, and that some forms of socialism are really very warm and fuzzy. 

Nothing in reality matches the Utopian propaganda of the left.........Nothing!! 

Their control of media and academia is so total that anyone not born with a natural curiosity and willingness to look outside of the very small mainstream box is not likely to hear anything but leftist tripe their entire lives. 

Since most people want to believe that they are caring and open minded folks that root for the underdog, they accept the swill taught to them by carefully prepared Marxist educators who always claim to stand for "the little guys", even when it is demonstrably untrue. 

For 60+ years these Marxists were limited to being college professors, but with the melding of U.S. and Soviet Public K-12 Education models in the 1980s under the careful tutelage of UNESCO, Marxism became a platform for all levels of American education.

And where does the funding come from for all these Marxist experiments in our schools and society?  Why, from you of course; if not directly through taxation, from the Tax Exempt Foundations and UN sanctioned NGOs that control our world with their unrecognized influence and unlimited money. 

And now that they have nearly bankrupted the entire free world, it is time to reap the rewards and end all rights to private property, privacy, free speech and Orwell wrote in his dystopian novel 1984 "If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face forever".

The Great Financial Reset - coming soon to a reality near you!

The Great Financial Reset - coming soon to a reality near you!

September 12, 2022

Full Show Info:

Join us for a look at the world of blockchain technology, crypto currencies, asset backed constitutional money, debt based fiat money, keystroke digital money, and ways to resist the soon to be implemented social credit system. The best means of resistance has never changed, quit playing by their rules and make them fight on our battlefield.

Never before in human history have the power elite had all the tools necessary to pull off a power grab of this magnitude. 

Many folks think that the world of crypto currencies and blockchain technologies will stop this move by fiat bankers; but what if they own this technology just like they own everything else? 

Are there ways to use block chain technology to our advantage within the current system without losing anonymity? 

Can we create barter systems and food sources that can function outside of the police state without making the participants targets?

 Are there systems currently in place that meet all the legal challenges and can provide a way to remain somewhat independent?



September 8, 2022

Full Show Info:

Destroying our dams will destroy much of Western agriculture and some of the most important infrastructure in America.

A key to the success of the war on the West is the destruction of dams and taking of 100+ year old water rights from farmers and ranchers that depend on irrigation and stock water to survive.

As the water goes, so go the small producers that historically fed America and the world.

The cleanest and most reliable form of energy (hydroelectric) will be destroyed as well and the so-called “green renewable “energy of solar and wind, although notoriously unreliable and expensive, will supposedly replace it.  None of this makes sense unless your goal is to reduce human population and destroy free market economies.

Stated goals of Agenda 21/2030 are the elimination of non-corporate agriculture, meat consumption, most forms of mining & logging, private property and the ability to travel.

In essence, Americans will be moved into mega-cities of public housing & public transportation (human kennels) while most of America will be off limits to humans; unless of course you are one of the elite few in control of the rest of the sheeple.



September 6, 2022

Full Show Info:

9/11 Truthers were demonized and called conspiracy theorists for questioning the free fall collapse of building 7.  Are thousands of Architects and Engineers wrong?

It has only been in the last several years that a significant number of thinking Americans are starting to question the mainstream media narrative about historical & political events that seem to have sent us into a decidedly anti-American, Marxist/ communist/fascist, global government direction.

Although history has been replete with false flag and politically manipulated events that have led us into one bloody and costly war after another, most Americans have believed in the inherent goodness and integrity of our political leaders, even when we disagreed with them philosophically.

But, what if the whole power-elite political process has morphed into a tragic Faustian shell game that has played us for fools for the past 120 years?

What if the establishment Republican Party and the establishment Democrat Party are wings on the same Globalist/technocratic hegemonic bird that has been driving us relentlessly into an inescapable control grid matrix called "the New World Order"?

Hmm............did you know that Donald J. Trump was a 9/11 Truther?  As a builder and high-rise building developer, Trump knew intuitively that massive steel and concrete buildings don't fall down into their own footprint at free-fall speed without a lot of planning and the use of explosive charges and nano-thermite to cut through steel columns and beams. 

Nonsense you say!!

The real nonsense is following blindly like sheep when very powerful and evil men lead us over the abyss into their anti-American new world order nightmare.

The real nonsense is being so naive that we refuse to hear anything or anyone that upsets our little apple cart of willful cognitive dissonance.



September 1, 2022

Full Show Info:

The weaponization of Federal Law Enforcement using the SPLC to identify extremists and enemies of the state helps explain why justice is now JUST THEM.

As a God fearing and very patriotic American, I cannot believe the current level of corruption by many so-called leaders who seem hell-bent on destroying our great republic from within.  Nor can I believe the rapid decline in our political safeguards so perfectly conceived to advance liberty, self reliance, individual rights and private property………….all things that made America unique and prosperous!

With a fully “integrated” DOD, CIA, FBI, DOJ, and liberal federal funding strings controlling local governments and law enforcement, we are just one pandemic or national /international emergency away from a “fundamental transformation” of America and the rest of the free world into Klaus Schwab's 4th Industrial Revolution/Green World Order, circa 2030.

Don't know what that means; it means a society where Americans are only an insignificant part of a one world totalitarian technocracy dedicated to cradle to grave complete control of the few remaining humans on a green, sustainable planet that grovels at the feet of a power elite group in control of international banking, finance and corporatocracy…….techno feudalism.


THE PUBLIC/PRIVATE LAND DEBATE what are their goals and where will it end?

THE PUBLIC/PRIVATE LAND DEBATE what are their goals and where will it end?

August 30, 2022

Full Show Info:

Family owned farms and ranches are seeing increased regulatory and environmental restrictions that threaten the future of American private agriculture. 

Most are directly connected to policies developed on an international level over the past 60 years by radical environmental groups tied to cultural Marxist ideologues in academia and government; increasingly funded by tax exempt international foundations and corporate oligarchs.

The time to go along and get along with Deep State Federal bureaucrats is at an end.  Local governments and County Commissioners must realize that their tax base and constituency is rapidly disappearing as more and more private land is transferred to the public domain.  As government grows, it becomes less efficient, more wasteful and less capable of providing basic services.

Radical Environmentalists are using loopholes in our tax code to gain unlimited funding and undue influence in governmental programs.  Lazy federal bureaucrats actively seek public/private partnerships to lessen their workload and to hide from personal responsibility for controversial decisions……… other words; they are more than willing to pass the buck to “Experts” that are seldom more than underqualified zealots of U.N. Agenda 21/2030.

Law & Order In Our Banana Republic

Law & Order In Our Banana Republic

August 25, 2022

Full Show Info:

The weaponization of Federal Law Enforcement and the IRS represents the greatest single threat to American national sovereignty.

The Mara Lago raid by the FBI under the direction of the O'biden Justice Department clearly illustrates that we have entered a new phase in the weaponization of Federal law enforcement against many law abiding classes of American citizens. 

For the past 30+ years treasonous and openly criminal acts by the liberal leftists occupying the White House and their many accomplices within the permanent D.C. swamp (administrative state) have been ignored or covered up by the same FBI and Justice Department that now labels traditional patriotic Americans as “right wing extremists”; targets for prosecution. 

Until recently, the weaponization of law enforcement for political persecution was unthinkable in the United States; limited to totalitarian governments and tin pot dictatorships in banana republics.  No longer.  The entire Democrat Party and the RHINO wing of the Republican Party are now showing their true colors and they are decidedly RED with a bright yellow undertone. 

The curtain is completely drawn back to expose their treasonous plan for America: societal destruction and eventual subjugation to the New World Order system they think they'll be part of.

The Deep State must destroy everyone and everything that blocks their path to a Marxist/technocratic one World Government, using any means including weaponized Federal Law Enforcement and the newly expanded and heavily armed IRS to silence any opposition.  Trump or anyone resisting world federalism must be destroyed!  A weaponized government has truly become the NUMBER ONE THREAT TO AMERICA!  Do you understand?


THE MONEY TRAP (creating the cashless society)

THE MONEY TRAP (creating the cashless society)

August 23, 2022

Full Show Info:

Guests: G. Edward Griffin, David Morgan and Kent Lewis

The planned cashless society is a trap.  Digital money is a means of control that was created by those who would control humanity.

The looming cashless system will be managed by a handful of financiers and banking elite that have been making plans to rule humanity for a very long time. 

These banking elite have re-written history, waged wars, staged events and manipulated monetary policies for several centuries, with the long term goal of a cashless surveillance society that they totally control. 

They know that key to controlling society is controlling the economic systems of the world.  Until recently, the power elite did not have the technology to create a total surveillance society. 

The recent rapid advancements in AI, super computers, nano technology and robotics has gone a long way toward solving that problem for them.  With that problem solved, the next step is selling the world on the need for a digital cashless form of universal international exchange (money) for the whole planet. 

We don't know how they plan to pull off this slight of hand, but history has proven that manufactured pandemics, wars, financial collapse……………..literally nothing is off the table.

As we watch recently unfolding events that left unchallenged, will lead America and the world into a one world cashless totalitarian system; we pause to reflect on how we got here, and why we surrendered our financial freedom so willingly.

Join us for a look at the world of constitutional money, international banking, digital money, and ways to resist the planned social credit system.  The best means of resistance has never changed……….educate yourself and learn from those with good information.

AMERICAN GLOBALISTS (surgically removing an international cancer)

AMERICAN GLOBALISTS (surgically removing an international cancer)

August 18, 2022

Full Show Info:

Guest: Thomas McInerney, Lieutenant General, USAF (ret)
Guest:  William F. Jasper

With untold wealth, they have learned how to control the political process through bribes, blackmail, coercion and outright fraud.  Those they can't buy are made irrelevant to the voters or blackmailed into obedience. 

The “good old boys club” of international finance allows only their carefully vetted choices to appear before the voters, often the most corrupt and contemptible within society, because they are also the easiest to control.  In America, the 2 party system gives the appearance of choice and radically different ideologies, although behind the scene most eat from the same special interest globalist trough and share a specially protected status under the tutelage of their power elite masters.

The political class are made to think that they are actually part of this elite club, and are reinforced with great wealth and prestige in return for their obedience to the cause of globalism.  And, although many claim to be free market capitalists and staunch anti-communists, their voting records often prove otherwise. 

Most are waterlogged from years of swimming in the socialist D.C. swamp, purposely ignoring their constitutional oath to defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Getting re-elected becomes their number one priority because the life of the protected political class is truly exhilarating for those of very limited talent and enormous self importance. 

The occasional “statesman” who manages to sneak into the “club” is short lived and powerless in a system so totally corrupt, rotten, and controlled from the inside out.

Isn't it time to stop this madness once and for all?  No single person can save America.  Dedicated citizens and patriots are the solution to despotic rule and the global police state.  Wake up America.

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