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Shatter the Illusion and Step Outside the Matrix at The Red Pill Expo

Shatter the Illusion and Step Outside the Matrix at The Red Pill Expo

November 8, 2022

A very powerful show with guests, G. Edward Griffin, Dr. Alphonzo Monzo, Nathan Desheemaeker.

Welcome to Red Pill Expo #9, November 12th and 13th in Salt Lake City, UT. 

As always, we have an amazing cast of Red Pill speakers to help our attendees shatter the illusion and step outside the matrix that has turned freedom loving and happy individuals into fearful and paranoid victims of oppressive police state controllers. (Attend Live or Live-Stream)

2022 – will it be a year of renewal or destruction?

2022 – will it be a year of renewal or destruction?

February 2, 2022

Full Show Notes:

For those who think that a plan is afoot to destroy most of humanity and radically change society......congratulations for being awake.

The power to compute is so advanced that robotics and artificial intelligence are exponentially more capable than most humans can even comprehend.

Every conversation, every email, every computer keystroke and even our facial expressions are being recorded and analyzed.

Humans have become lab rats in a social engineering experiment that started with good intentions, but has gone completely off the rails.

Money and banking has been moving to a completely digital, cashless monetary system that is international in scope and based on a social credit system created for the communist Chinese oligarchs by software giant Google as a model for the entire world.

When this digital monetary system is fully implemented, mankind will be controlled so thoroughly that no one will be able to challenge the established authorities or act as individuals.

In this Podcast episode we talk about the things that are going on in our country.  Covid.  The fact that it may be a parasite and not a virus.  The fact that the things that are the most effective against covid are things that knock down parasites. 

We talk about the economy, digital currency, social credit score, central banks, the metaverse and all the things most people don't want to talk about.






May 1, 2021

Full Show Info:

The Matrix is all around us.  It is invisible and all encompassing, recording our every action and increasingly recording our thoughts, habits and behavior in ways that would have been inconceivable a generation ago.  By monitoring every action in our lives through computer algorithms, we no longer have even the slightest privacy, and in fact have become human guinea pigs for a very small but select group of control agents intent on managing humans like domestic livestock.  Welcome to The New World Order, where human life become meaningless and society is manipulated from cradle to grave by change agent controllers who shape the world in their perverse Marxist utopian image, not the image of God the creator.

Smart Meters and smart appliances are only small steps in the creation of a control grid that knows everything about you and anyone who lives in your home 24/7/365.  The society envisioned in George Orwell's 1984 pales by comparison to the reality of 2021 and the level of surveillance at the disposal of the deep state technocrats that intend to control your lives, choosing who live & dies, and how they live while they are alive. In the brave new world that now surrounds us, we are told that we must ignore the opportunity for abuse of this technology and to believe that it will only be used for our convenience and safety.  Our uptopian lives will be so very easy and convenient if we just allow all of this technology to be implemented to it's full potential...............or so they say.

Simply put, the new technocracy being implemented with smart meters, smart appliances, 5G and the unrestricted video/audio surveillance state will trap us so completely within the Matrix that we will never escape.  Wake Up America and educate yourself to all the consequences of giving control of our lives to others.  Liberty does not have an expiration date or a bar code; unlike the brave new world "4th Industrial Revolution" and Great Reset being touted by U.N. Marxist technocrats like Klaus Schwab and U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

REPLAY- 5 G, NANOTECH & VACCINES- exposing the links!

REPLAY- 5 G, NANOTECH & VACCINES- exposing the links!

May 31, 2020

Communist China is the acknowledged leader in 5G technology and as the worlds manufacturing giant (thanks to American bankers, politicians and industrialists) now produces virtually all of the products that help to control the 5G network. That 5G control grid can identify and categorize virtually every object and everyone on the planet. I don't know about you, but that sure makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.......especially when you realize that 5G was originally created by the U.S. Military as a crowd/mind control weapon system.................just before the Clinton/Gore Administration turned much of that technology over to their friends and campaign donors in the Chinese Communist Party. GEE, WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG??

War and Nation Building is a Racket

War and Nation Building is a Racket

December 14, 2017

War has become a financial and political racket for the powerful and connected, and a very dangerous game for the rest of us who live with the consequences of their intrigues.  Are we beginning to see that the men behind the curtain care little about humanity and see us as mere pawns in a game that no-one but the rich and powerful can win. Isn’t it time that we take our nation back, and save the last best hope for humanity in a peaceful, non-interventionist, self governing constitutional republic.

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