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RULE OF LAW or LAW OF RULERS? - Hunter Bidens Laptop

RULE OF LAW or LAW OF RULERS? - Hunter Bidens Laptop

October 25, 2022

The two gentleman joining us today, are two great American patriots, and a powerful group of guys.  Get ready for a kick ass show.

Terry Turchie, was the number 3 guy at the FBI counter terrorism unit... His leadership was the driving force behind the capture of two of the most elusive and solitary domestic terrorists in U.S. history.

Gus Dimitrelos -Was the top Forensic Expert for the Secret Service in the country, tasked to determine what was on Hunter Biden's laptop and if it had been tampered with.

He's going to share with us what he found on Hunters Laptop.  Gus is the CEO of Cyber Forensics, Inc. an international digital forensics consulting and services corporation.

He is certified as a cyber and mobile forensics expert and has testified in International, Federal and State courts in classified, criminal and civil matters.

He is also a certified Federal and State court expert in cellular historical data reconstruction commonly referred to as cellular triangulation or call detail records (CDR) analysis.

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Will the County Sheriffs Prosecute against the dangers of untested medical experiments?

Will the County Sheriffs Prosecute against the dangers of untested medical experiments?

September 26, 2022

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FINDING SOLUTIONS- legal & medical solutions in troubled times

We have a unique opportunity to stand with County Sheriffs and Medical Professionals to identify and prosecute against the dangers of untested medical experiments.


The best counter to their genocidal agenda is; although an uphill battle, use the law and the court systems to illustrate their diabolical plans and bring them before the court of public opinion.

Not easy, but do-able under our current legal system.  A case in point is the Covid-19 plandemic and the unconstitutional mandates to force the entire population to submit to the JABs.

The evidence is mounting that it was never about curing the disease, it was about forcing the entire population to be vaccinated with a technology that we knew very little about.  This technology has the capability to change our DNA and impact our physiological makeup in ways that few outside of the Big Pharma inner circle truly understand. It is becoming increasingly clear that the cure is infinitely more deadly than the disease.


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GLOBALIST INSURRECTION spitting on rule of law

GLOBALIST INSURRECTION spitting on rule of law

May 28, 2022

January 6th, 2020 was not an "insurrection" by Trump supporters, but the aftermath is certainly an insurrection by Globalist traitors.

OK America, are you finally starting to Connect the Dots between the so-called insurrection of January 6, 2021 and the real insurrection that is happening before our very eyes; wherein deep state/progressive U.S. politicians are dismantling the US Constitution and replacing it with globalist technocracy?

Don't you find it alarming that the governing class don't have to abide by any laws, while the rest of us are buried in rules and regulations that deny any form of independence and individual liberty?

January 6, 2021 should become "PATRIOT'S DAY" to recognize the desire of the American people to choose liberty over despotism and stolen elections. We must identify and support the many political prisoners within our own country and expose the traitors attempting to bring down America from within.


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June 25, 2019

The Founders knew that a legal system based on God given or unalienable rights would be the only way that justice could be maintained in a clear and consistent way, guaranteeing equal justice for all based on biblical absolutes, not social or economic status. This simple but revolutionary concept is at the heart of our Declaration of Independence and later contained in the Articles of Confederation, the U.S. Constitution and original Bill of Rights.

Criminal Justice System Destroying Our Rights

Criminal Justice System Destroying Our Rights

October 10, 2017

My guests will be Idaho Legislator Judy Boyle and Rancher/Writer Hank Vogler for a 2 hour program to discuss the Malheur/Bundy trials and the open attacks on private property, water rights, grazing leases, and western rural lifestyles.

We will discuss the morphing of our criminal justice system from a protector rights of the common man to a destroyer of those rights while becoming a protector of special interests and out of control federal land agencies hell-bent on implementing radical environmental policies espoused as sustainable development.

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