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HUNTERS LAPTOP Part 2 - just the tip of the iceberg!

HUNTERS LAPTOP Part 2 - just the tip of the iceberg!

October 27, 2022

The more we learn the more we realized how well the FBI and media coverup worked.

New evidence from the laptop suggests that Hunter Biden was a well compensated go between for China and Russia in the area of energy production and consumption of fossil fuels. 

After his 2021 coronation, Papa Joe Obiden cancelling the Keystone XL Pipline and ended all new drilling leases on Federal lands to hobble our energy sector's ability to respond to national emergencies. 

He was even selling some of our strategic petroleum reserves to foreign countries; notably China.

Although a thorough forensic audit including financial and political transactions would have been demanded years ago if this laptop had belonged to a Trump family member, the media is doing everything possible to ignore the obvious; the Biden family are involve in corruption up to their eyeballs. 

Corruption would actually be a gross understatement.......a more accurate description is outright national treason at an international level.

If this election does not result in a wholesale change in the direction of our country, we will have squandered the last best hope to save America from the Marxist enemies within, and it was all there on Hunter's laptop waiting to be exposed!!!!!!


Dysfunctional Leadership with Lieutenant General (ret) Thomas McInerney, Mary Fanning and Alan Jones

Dysfunctional Leadership with Lieutenant General (ret) Thomas McInerney, Mary Fanning and Alan Jones

October 14, 2022

Full Show Info:

Holy crap, what can go wrong next?  Every day our dimwitted leaders seem to be making fewer logical decisions than ever before.  
Nothing makes sense until you stand back and look at the big picture.  You know; the one about genocidal depopulation schemes to save mankind from itself and total control by an effete group of political insiders, banksters and industrialists.
Only then does it all start to make sense.

Thomas McInerney, Lieutenant General, USAF (ret) is a political commentator and a retired United States Air Force Lieutenant General, who served in top military positions under the Secretary of Defense and the Vice President of the United States.  McInerney was a forward air controller and fighter pilot during the Vietnam War and had flown 407 combat missions during his four tours of duty.  In addition to his Vietnam service, McInerney served overseas in NATO; Pacific Air Forces and as commander of 11th Air Force in Alaska.
Alan Jones is an investigative journalist who broke a series of national security stories at Washing Times Communities.
Mary Fanning is an investigative journalist who covers the Middle East and national security. Ms. Fanning is also the founder of the Coalition of Concerned Citizens.
Because of their extensive high level connections throughout the National Security community, their information is accurate, extremely credible, and usually published months or even years before it reaches the downstream media.

Join Dan Happel and G. Edward Griffin live in Salt Lake City Utah


The Death Rattle - god help us now

The Death Rattle - god help us now

October 4, 2022

Join G. Edward Griffin and Dan Happel LIVE in Salt Lake City Utah.  Nov. 11-12  (or live-stream)

We are quite literally hearing the Death Rattle of the Republic of The United States of America.
Are we so cowardly and selfish that we would sell our children and grandchildren into slavery at the hands of evil men and women determined to control us all?
More importantly, are we willing to give their souls to Satan and forget the promise of eternal salvation that they are guaranteed if they give our lives to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ?
This should not be a hard choice, but for the many steeped in collectivist/atheistic group-think, breaking away from the herd is not so easy and requires that true believers go outside of their comfort zone and act like the leaders God wants us to be.
It is truly the time to choose between good and evil. There is no half way or soft landing for those who fail to stand and be counted.
We must rush to the death bed of our republic and do whatever is necessary to save America from the evil forces intent on destroying her.


September 1, 2022

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The weaponization of Federal Law Enforcement using the SPLC to identify extremists and enemies of the state helps explain why justice is now JUST THEM.

As a God fearing and very patriotic American, I cannot believe the current level of corruption by many so-called leaders who seem hell-bent on destroying our great republic from within.  Nor can I believe the rapid decline in our political safeguards so perfectly conceived to advance liberty, self reliance, individual rights and private property………….all things that made America unique and prosperous!

With a fully “integrated” DOD, CIA, FBI, DOJ, and liberal federal funding strings controlling local governments and law enforcement, we are just one pandemic or national /international emergency away from a “fundamental transformation” of America and the rest of the free world into Klaus Schwab's 4th Industrial Revolution/Green World Order, circa 2030.

Don't know what that means; it means a society where Americans are only an insignificant part of a one world totalitarian technocracy dedicated to cradle to grave complete control of the few remaining humans on a green, sustainable planet that grovels at the feet of a power elite group in control of international banking, finance and corporatocracy…….techno feudalism.


Law & Order In Our Banana Republic

Law & Order In Our Banana Republic

August 25, 2022

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The weaponization of Federal Law Enforcement and the IRS represents the greatest single threat to American national sovereignty.

The Mara Lago raid by the FBI under the direction of the O'biden Justice Department clearly illustrates that we have entered a new phase in the weaponization of Federal law enforcement against many law abiding classes of American citizens. 

For the past 30+ years treasonous and openly criminal acts by the liberal leftists occupying the White House and their many accomplices within the permanent D.C. swamp (administrative state) have been ignored or covered up by the same FBI and Justice Department that now labels traditional patriotic Americans as “right wing extremists”; targets for prosecution. 

Until recently, the weaponization of law enforcement for political persecution was unthinkable in the United States; limited to totalitarian governments and tin pot dictatorships in banana republics.  No longer.  The entire Democrat Party and the RHINO wing of the Republican Party are now showing their true colors and they are decidedly RED with a bright yellow undertone. 

The curtain is completely drawn back to expose their treasonous plan for America: societal destruction and eventual subjugation to the New World Order system they think they'll be part of.

The Deep State must destroy everyone and everything that blocks their path to a Marxist/technocratic one World Government, using any means including weaponized Federal Law Enforcement and the newly expanded and heavily armed IRS to silence any opposition.  Trump or anyone resisting world federalism must be destroyed!  A weaponized government has truly become the NUMBER ONE THREAT TO AMERICA!  Do you understand?


AMERICAN GLOBALISTS (surgically removing an international cancer)

AMERICAN GLOBALISTS (surgically removing an international cancer)

August 18, 2022

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Guest: Thomas McInerney, Lieutenant General, USAF (ret)
Guest:  William F. Jasper

With untold wealth, they have learned how to control the political process through bribes, blackmail, coercion and outright fraud.  Those they can't buy are made irrelevant to the voters or blackmailed into obedience. 

The “good old boys club” of international finance allows only their carefully vetted choices to appear before the voters, often the most corrupt and contemptible within society, because they are also the easiest to control.  In America, the 2 party system gives the appearance of choice and radically different ideologies, although behind the scene most eat from the same special interest globalist trough and share a specially protected status under the tutelage of their power elite masters.

The political class are made to think that they are actually part of this elite club, and are reinforced with great wealth and prestige in return for their obedience to the cause of globalism.  And, although many claim to be free market capitalists and staunch anti-communists, their voting records often prove otherwise. 

Most are waterlogged from years of swimming in the socialist D.C. swamp, purposely ignoring their constitutional oath to defend the U.S. Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  Getting re-elected becomes their number one priority because the life of the protected political class is truly exhilarating for those of very limited talent and enormous self importance. 

The occasional “statesman” who manages to sneak into the “club” is short lived and powerless in a system so totally corrupt, rotten, and controlled from the inside out.

Isn't it time to stop this madness once and for all?  No single person can save America.  Dedicated citizens and patriots are the solution to despotic rule and the global police state.  Wake up America.

The Dutch Farmers / South America - Pictures & Warning Signs with guest Harry Booyens

The Dutch Farmers / South America - Pictures & Warning Signs with guest Harry Booyens

August 10, 2022

The issue of the Dutch farmers in Holland, is a subject that we have to cover.  Because they are the direct recipients of some of the most evil aspects of U.N. Agenda 21/2030.  They're being put out of business, seeing their entire agriculture industry go down the tubes. 

Holland of all places, the Netherlands, are the number two most traded and greatest economic booster in agriculture in the world behind only the United States.

They've been told by the EU and by the U.N., that they need to end much of their agriculture to meet strict standards that were set up to reduce carbon emissions in Europe by at least 50% in the next seven or eight years.

This is something that is threatening to take the entire Dutch agricultural economy down.  When I say down, I mean making private ownership and small farms a thing of the past.  Of course this is exactly what they intended from the very beginning…



The Truth Is Out There - Mark Sutherland

The Truth Is Out There - Mark Sutherland

August 8, 2022

Connecting the Dots with Guest Host Mark Sutherland
Guests – Tamara Leigh and Alex Newman



June 30, 2022

Full Show Info:

Join us for a view of the future in a police state world controlled by megalomaniacs, Technocrats, robots and Artificial Intelligence... as the world races toward collectivism and a system of top down total control...

Even a limited understanding of history reveals that true socialism eventually degenerates into communism or worse when individual citizens hand over their rights to a collective few with unlimited power.

The technology known as 5G was originally created by the U.S. military for crowd control; with enhanced features that could potentially control our thoughts or even end our lives. 

Combine that with a forced vaccination program that allows the introduction of mRNA, microchips and nano technology into the human bloodstream under the rubric of fighting a Covid-19 pandemic, and bingo……….welcome to the New World Order!!


Guest Host - Mark Sutherland and Guest - Jo Rae Perkins for U.S. Senate
GLOBALIST INSURRECTION spitting on rule of law

GLOBALIST INSURRECTION spitting on rule of law

May 28, 2022

January 6th, 2020 was not an "insurrection" by Trump supporters, but the aftermath is certainly an insurrection by Globalist traitors.

OK America, are you finally starting to Connect the Dots between the so-called insurrection of January 6, 2021 and the real insurrection that is happening before our very eyes; wherein deep state/progressive U.S. politicians are dismantling the US Constitution and replacing it with globalist technocracy?

Don't you find it alarming that the governing class don't have to abide by any laws, while the rest of us are buried in rules and regulations that deny any form of independence and individual liberty?

January 6, 2021 should become "PATRIOT'S DAY" to recognize the desire of the American people to choose liberty over despotism and stolen elections. We must identify and support the many political prisoners within our own country and expose the traitors attempting to bring down America from within.


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March 8, 2022

Full Show Notes:

How many lies and liars does it take to awaken people to reality?  Shouldn't we question authority that consistently deceives us?

The world of 2022 is much like the parallel universe theories that have been portrayed many times by science fiction writers, physicists and futurists explaining the concept of relativism.

With parallel universe's, absolutes are non-existent and realities are merely perspectives of individuals based on their interpretation of a world of constantly changing values, norms and mirage like visions of the physical world.

In other words, reality is strictly perspective and subject to constant reinterpretation.  There are no absolutes……period.  Murder, theft, rape, you name it, become subjective norms in a world that recognizes no absolute values.

This is the world of relative humanists and atheists that promote collectivism and global technocracy.  This is a world where lies and truth are interchangable, depending on circumstance.  To live this way is impossible for rational adults with established value systems, but seems to be easily accomplished by high IQ nitwits and libtard savants.

Right is now considered wrong, while wrong is now considered right.  Thinking people worldwide are coming to an understanding that if it comes from the lamestream media, academia, the political establishment, or social media bohemoths, it is more than likely complete bullshit.

Knowing that, does it frighten you as much as it frightens me that millions of those who claim to have quit drinking the cool-aid are now buying into the lamestream media, Obiden Administration, academia and UN calls to destroy and even murder Putin? Doesn't decades of being lied to without end by these very same jerks make you think twice about chugging more kool-aid?

Connecting The Dots

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February 25, 2022

Full Show Notes:
The goal is and has always been the end to nation states and a transition to a "new world order" under U.N. control.

The United States of America and other so-called Democracies are being vilified by liberal nitwits, while Communist China and virtually all pro-communist and Marxist governments around the world are lauded as praiseworthy political systems despite their extensive histories of economic/environmental destruction, human rights abuses, censorship and genocide against their own citizens and political rivals.

In fact, the whole world is moving rapidly in the same sinister direction with many so-called leaders openly declaring themselves the ultimate authority, in defiance of established laws and constitutions.

Are we really stupid enough to believe that this is all coincidental and not part of a much bigger plan to control humanity?  I think not!

Guest: Edward Goodliffe is the Speaker of Congress for Freedom Force International and is a promoter of individual liberty.
Guest: Dr. Harry Booyens is an internationally recognized, multiple award winning PhD Defense & Aerospace physicist.

You should know about what nitric oxide can do...


2022 – will it be a year of renewal or destruction?

2022 – will it be a year of renewal or destruction?

February 2, 2022

Full Show Notes:

For those who think that a plan is afoot to destroy most of humanity and radically change society......congratulations for being awake.

The power to compute is so advanced that robotics and artificial intelligence are exponentially more capable than most humans can even comprehend.

Every conversation, every email, every computer keystroke and even our facial expressions are being recorded and analyzed.

Humans have become lab rats in a social engineering experiment that started with good intentions, but has gone completely off the rails.

Money and banking has been moving to a completely digital, cashless monetary system that is international in scope and based on a social credit system created for the communist Chinese oligarchs by software giant Google as a model for the entire world.

When this digital monetary system is fully implemented, mankind will be controlled so thoroughly that no one will be able to challenge the established authorities or act as individuals.

In this Podcast episode we talk about the things that are going on in our country.  Covid.  The fact that it may be a parasite and not a virus.  The fact that the things that are the most effective against covid are things that knock down parasites. 

We talk about the economy, digital currency, social credit score, central banks, the metaverse and all the things most people don't want to talk about.




Jan 6 Insurrection - A Date That Will Live In Infamy!

Jan 6 Insurrection - A Date That Will Live In Infamy!

December 26, 2021

Full Show Info:

The events of January 6, 2021 were clearly part of a well orchestrated plan to marginalize the Trump Administration in it's waning days, and more importantly, to identify many of his staunchest supporters, implementing a scheme for their disenfranchisement and intimidation. By staging a false flag event and driving a false narrative for the ill-informed and cognitive dissonant American sheeple, the seventy five + million

Trump supporters who felt that the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen, could be silenced, and the election fraud hearings that were scheduled to occur on January 6 were dropped like a hot rock without any credible debate by the House or Senate.

Was there video evidence that this whole unseemly event was a setup meant to stop the investigation and debate that was scheduled later in the day?

Did Antifa and anti-Trump forces stage the invasion of the Capitol, working with the Capitol Police and some members of congress to paint all Trump supporters as radical despite a long history of non-violence, patriotism, civility and interracial harmony at countless Trump rallies all over America?

Why was the downstream media so quick to call the Capitol breach a RIOT when it consistently called the looting, burning, murder and mayhem conducted by Antifa and BLM in cities all over America “peaceful protests”?

Why were there no firearms identified or recovered from Trump supporters despite reported murders by gunshot?

Guest: David Sumrall –  David has spent the last year identifying and documenting the facts behind the Capitol Rally and attempts to return election integrity to America on January 6, 2021. His documentary movie is widely viewed despite efforts to ban and censor it by big media and social media.

Asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare - America‘s death by a thousand cuts

Asymmetrical Hybrid Warfare - America‘s death by a thousand cuts

September 15, 2021

Full Show Info:

Guests: Bill Coate, Colonel USMC (ret) - Alan Jones & Mary Fanning

Understanding the concept of asymmetric warfare is essential in exposing the deep state (globalist) plan to take down the last, best hope for the free world; the United States of America

The very sad truth is that there are a significant number of traitors and ideological/political frauds occupying our highest elected and appointed U.S. governmental offices, as well as a large number of useful idiots in lesser positions that are acting as enablers for this den of thieves.

Bill Coate Book:

Ret. Generals Discuss – the Biden Contribution to the NWO

Ret. Generals Discuss – the Biden Contribution to the NWO

September 13, 2021

Full Show Info:
The Afghanistan debacle & The Biden Contribution to the New World Order
Thomas McInerney Lieutenant General USAF (ret) - Joseph Arbuckle Major General (ret) -
Bill Coate Colonel USMC (ret) - Alan Jones & Mary Fanning

Under this "new normal" basic freedoms like travel and where/how you choose to live will be eliminated and replaced by totalitarian government control of every aspect of your life from cradle to grave.  Something as simple as determining what substances are injected into your body will become government choices rather than personal choices......with that tyranny ends personal freedom and any semblance of the American vision of life, liberty and property.  Welcome to the New World (dis)Order envisioned by the power elite for the past 2 century's; it will totally control your lives very, very soon.

China Joe Obiden's contribution to the final and complete collapse of the United States of America will be his legacy for the New World Order.......UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER, and playing the fool for the power elite and Barack Hussein Obama.


Absolute Peril - comprehending the battlefield of WWIII

Absolute Peril - comprehending the battlefield of WWIII

July 16, 2021

Full Show Info:
Guests: Lieutenant General Michael T. Flynn (ret) -- Lieutenant General Thomas McInerney USAF (ret) -- Major General Joseph Arbuckle (ret)

The takedown of America and our individual liberty is the last major hurdle to international socialism, and they are determined to end America as we know it.
The People's Republic of China and more specifically, the Chinese Communist Party with help from their American counterparts in government, academia, media and industry have taken over most key American institutions and are in the process of destroying their last major roadblock, the United States Military...................and they have done it without firing a shot!

How could we adapt so easily into an ideology that is so totally opposed to the American system of limited, responsive, constitutional government of, by, and for the people.  The answer is quite simple; it was planned that way and systematically executed by the useful idiots of the left who were soaked in progressive socialist ideology for many generations as they took over our institutions of higher learning.  Add greed to that witches brew and you have the perfect mix of flawed ideology and greed that has destroyed advanced civilizations since the beginning of mankind.




June 24, 2021

Full Show Info:

How is forced vaccination, the Marxist "fundamental transformation" and the IMF's Great Reset all clearly part of a much bigger plan by the Power Elite to control and eventually cull "undesirables" from humanity ?

The era of big government and big debt came into its own towards the end of the 20th and beginning of the 21st Century as a consequence of a new generation of political operatives completely immersed in the Marxist vision of Ivy League academics trained by the Frankfurt School at Columbia University.  The hero of Frankfurt School academics is Karl Marx and his utopian visions outlined in The Communist Manifesto & Das Capital. It is of no consequence to Marxist theorists that everything about Marxism has failed.

The single biggest impediment to a Marxist/communist/ technocratic world has always been the U.S. Constitution and its Bill of Rights based on individualism and personal responsibility.......a concept that has consistently challenged collectivist thinking.  Their answer to this conundrum is to destroy free markets and individual liberty so that there no longer exists an alternative to the collectivist thinking that creates universal poverty for everyone except the Power Elites and their useful idiots in government, lamestream media, and academia.

The election of populist President Donald J. Trump in 2016 threw a monkey wrench in the progressive socialist workings of the Demican/Republicrat political class that were within a few years of achieving their goal of a One-World socialist government. Barack Obama had put the last of the elements in place, and Hillary Clinton was to be the chosen one to close the lid for the New World Order Pandora's Box...................then Trump happened.

The residential selection of Sleepy Joe Biden by deep state operatives through massive voter fraud, computerized voting machine algorithms, and communist Chinese computerized vote flippers only happened when all pretense of legitimacy was universally thrown out the window and the "swamp" was given a massive infusion of progressive raw sewage.

Covid-19 scares and the lockdowns that occurred all over the world now appear to be part of the much bigger plan to "fundamentally transform" not only America, but all of humanity to a universal socialism with cradle to grave control of every aspect of our lives.

Red Pill Expo - Because you know something is wrong.

Red Pill Expo - Because you know something is wrong.

June 1, 2021

Full Show Info:
G. Edward Griffin on Engineered Destruction, Controlled Opposition & who will be at
The Red Pill Expo
Mt. Rushmore / Rapid City, South Dakota, June 5-6 2021
Because you know something is wrong.
Helping truth seekers understand how the world really works.

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