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”ALTERNATIVES” to the the cashless society

”ALTERNATIVES” to the the cashless society

October 8, 2022

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Today's Guests:
David Morgan, Monetary Analyst, Publisher of The Morgan Report: How Precious Metals can Protect you from the Cashless Society & Social Credits.
Kent Lewiss, Creator of the Freedom-Social Internet platform and the 1776 Crypto-Token: New Monetary System to be Launched in November

I am contacted on a daily basis by friends and family concerned about the escalating dollar inflation and the rumors of impending economic collapse at both a national and international level.  Their alarm is well founded, and reflects the lack of faith in the current national and international leadership that has been taking us from one false flag calamity to another, and not by accident.

President Franklin Roosevelt is quoted as saying "nothing that happens in government happens by accident.  If it happens you can bet that it was planned that way".

The sad truth is that since the adoption of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, we have been part of a planned exercise to steal the wealth of average working and saving Americans through usery (interest) and inflation until no-one owns anything but the bankers and financial elite that designed the system for just that purpose.

In fact, the same process has been practiced all over the world by a very small but elite group of international banksters with one common goal in mind; fleece the public until the whole system is about to collapse, then implode all national fiat currencies in a way that forces everyone to accept a worldwide digital cashless society that these banking elite designed and totally control.

Then they can tie digital money into an international social credit system that forces citizens into total acquiescence and compliance if they want to eat or live; a system of complete servitude.

The Founding Fathers understood the power and potential evil of Central Banks and battled Hamilton and the Federalists, knowing that control of the money meant control of the people.

Our Constitution is specific about the definition of sound money.

Corrupt politicians and the enormous influence of international bankers have destroyed any semblance of monetary stability here or abroad by denying that constitutional logic.

The trick will be in building an asset backed monetary system that functions digitally without vulnerabilities to hacking and control by central banks.

We will look at a few possibilities that might allow that to work.

This podcast is in no way meant to provide investment advice; merely information for your individual discernment.



2022 – will it be a year of renewal or destruction?

2022 – will it be a year of renewal or destruction?

February 2, 2022

Full Show Notes:

For those who think that a plan is afoot to destroy most of humanity and radically change society......congratulations for being awake.

The power to compute is so advanced that robotics and artificial intelligence are exponentially more capable than most humans can even comprehend.

Every conversation, every email, every computer keystroke and even our facial expressions are being recorded and analyzed.

Humans have become lab rats in a social engineering experiment that started with good intentions, but has gone completely off the rails.

Money and banking has been moving to a completely digital, cashless monetary system that is international in scope and based on a social credit system created for the communist Chinese oligarchs by software giant Google as a model for the entire world.

When this digital monetary system is fully implemented, mankind will be controlled so thoroughly that no one will be able to challenge the established authorities or act as individuals.

In this Podcast episode we talk about the things that are going on in our country.  Covid.  The fact that it may be a parasite and not a virus.  The fact that the things that are the most effective against covid are things that knock down parasites. 

We talk about the economy, digital currency, social credit score, central banks, the metaverse and all the things most people don't want to talk about.




GEO-ENGINEERING, NANO-TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL MONEY understanding the tools of global control !

GEO-ENGINEERING, NANO-TECHNOLOGY & DIGITAL MONEY understanding the tools of global control !

December 15, 2019

A 100+ years of increasingly controlled media owned by a power elite that are masters of deception, has created a very false reality and a world vastly different than most people imagine. As we have been exposing for the past 4 years on Connecting the Dots with Dan Happel, reality is shaped by those in control and the Ministry of Truth is constantly re-writing history to conform with the wishes of those in control of global society. We are becoming a society of intellectual lemmings racing toward our own destruction while those shaping the illusion practice social engineering and other control mechanisms that strip our freedom and force us to live in a world of totalitarian control from above.

SOUND MONEY = PROSPERITY - why we must return to constitutional money !

SOUND MONEY = PROSPERITY - why we must return to constitutional money !

April 23, 2019

Over the past several months we have explored the evolution of money from constitutional money based on gold and silver- controlled by Congress, and owned by the people; to a system of digital fiat money, based completely on debt, and controlled by a cartel of private central bankers. It appears that these same Central Bankers intend to hi-jack block chain technology and the recent crypto currency revolution for the ultimate control grid over humanity. This week we will look at ways that we can begin the process that takes the power of money away from Central Bankers and returns it to the citizens. This cannot happen until citizens understand the nature and purpose of constitutional (intrinsic) money, money that has value because it meets the standards that our Founders outlined in the Constitution and cannot be printed out of thin air or created with computer keystrokes by banksters motivated only by greed and having the power to buy any emerging technology to secure their dominance forever.



February 19, 2019

This week we will explore the world of Crypto currencies and the possibility that International Central Bankers are hard at work to capture and control the block chain revolution and create the ultimate money trap and control mechanism for the citizens of the world. Kent Lewiss says "It was never a concern to central banks that Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency would replace the central banks control over money. The introduction of Bitcoin was to get society used to a cashless society, and to get libertarians to build the central banker control system for them."

MONEY, MONEY, & MORE MONEY- how the U.S. financial system was hi-jacked and bankrupted !

MONEY, MONEY, & MORE MONEY- how the U.S. financial system was hi-jacked and bankrupted !

February 12, 2019

With the signing of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913, the lawful responsibility of Congress to control monetary policy based on an asset backed system of proportionate and accurate weights and measures (gold and silver) was handed to a cartel of private bankers that have spent the last 105 years debauching our constitutional system and replacing it with a debt based system that threatens our national and personal financial future.

Our guest, Alan Myers, offers  real education on the Federal Reserve System, it's evils and how to replace it, that he has produced. If you are interested, please contact him directly at; Tel: 858-755-9639

Preserving the Trump Miracle

Preserving the Trump Miracle

March 22, 2018

The Trump Administration’s emphasis on America first and fair trade over free trade has put a real crimp in the New World Order’s vision of a global Marxist/socialist world government controlled by a handful of international banks and corporations.

National sovereignty is the poison pill of The New World Order and the Trump economic resurgence has threatened to end the steady destruction of the American economy and middle class by the progressive socialists that have been in control for decades.

Deep State Collusion within the Federal Reserve System

Deep State Collusion within the Federal Reserve System

February 13, 2018

I will be interviewing Bob Fanning and Charles Ortel in an expose’ of Deep State collusion within the Federal Reserve system and more specifically, Federal Open Market Committee decisions.

Our discussion this week will look at recent policy decisions by the FOMC and the Federal Reserve Governors that are causing turmoil in the markets and threaten to destroy the dollar and national sovereignty during the Trump Presidency.  Is this merely bad policy, or is it part of a planned economic collapse by a deep state partner working with global special interests to promote world socialist government.

Crypto currencies, Bitcoin, an Expose’ on alternative to the Federal Reserve

Crypto currencies, Bitcoin, an Expose’ on alternative to the Federal Reserve

January 9, 2018

Tuesday morning we will be doing an interview with author, security expert, and financial analyst, Jeff Wright.  Jeff will be walking our listeners through the world of Bitcoin, crypto currencies, and blockchain technologies with a detailed and informative expose’ of a subject that few understand, and fewer have mastered.  We will spend the entire two hours on this complex subject with a financial expert who spent years trying to find flaws in the concept of crypto currencies only to become a believer and supporter of an interesting alternative to the Federal Reserve and fiat money.

The Creature From Jekyll Island and the American Ideal of Individualism

The Creature From Jekyll Island and the American Ideal of Individualism

October 3, 2017

My guests will be G. Edward Griffin and Debbie Bacigalupi for a 2 hour program to discuss Mr. Griffin’s book The Creature From Jekyll Island on the Federal Reserve System.  We will have a further conversation of why we need to emphasize and support the American ideal of individualism, and must end the progressive’s push for global government based on a Marxist/collectivist model.  We will talk about the Freedom Force International organization and the recent Red Pill Expo in Bozeman, Montana and the Red Pill University program currently under development.

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