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June 30, 2022

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Join us for a view of the future in a police state world controlled by megalomaniacs, Technocrats, robots and Artificial Intelligence... as the world races toward collectivism and a system of top down total control...

Even a limited understanding of history reveals that true socialism eventually degenerates into communism or worse when individual citizens hand over their rights to a collective few with unlimited power.

The technology known as 5G was originally created by the U.S. military for crowd control; with enhanced features that could potentially control our thoughts or even end our lives. 

Combine that with a forced vaccination program that allows the introduction of mRNA, microchips and nano technology into the human bloodstream under the rubric of fighting a Covid-19 pandemic, and bingo……….welcome to the New World Order!!


MAN-GODS being caught up in the ego wars

MAN-GODS being caught up in the ego wars

May 18, 2022

Human physiology and our natural genetic state is becoming the ghoulish pastime of Man-God elites wishing to reinvent us.

As we come within a knifes edge of losing the not so secret war on humanity, one needn't look very far to see the who, what, why and how we got here………..we just need to acknowledge the strangling policies of egotistical Man-God one-world technocrats and admit to our lying eyes what we see!

Almost too late to make a difference, Americans are only now beginning to catch on to the globalist plan to destroy individualism and meaningful human rights.

The American "sleeping giant" is finally awakening, but can we effectively resist the New World Order of collectivist totalitarian rule?

Although a significant percentage of Americans have been educated in schools (government indoctrination centers) controlled by Marxist academics and have become the "useful idiots" of the left, most Americans still believe in individual rights, fair play, and some degree of personal responsibility.

Are there enough with the foresight, courage and moral conviction to withstand the globalist onslaught?

The absolute control of humanity as we know it is their ultimate goal.

We must come to terms with that reality and not let the will of a select few control the future of the planet.

Wake up America and put an end to this globalist nightmare by opposing their tyranny.

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THE WAR AGAINST PUTIN - the globalists vs Putin

THE WAR AGAINST PUTIN - the globalists vs Putin

May 14, 2022
Methinks something stinks in Ukraine and it smells a lot more like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Clinton, Bush and DARPA than Putin.

The Russia/Ukraine conflict as reported by the useful idiots of the lamestream media and our own duly selected “dear leader”, China Joe Obiden, paints Putin and Russia as the epitome of evil, hell bent on killing as many innocent Ukrainians as possible in a very irrational and helter skelter way.

Has the United States been intentionally pulling the Tiger's tail by corrupting and manipulating the political process in Ukraine and in other former territories of the Soviets?

Will we ignore the many lessons of the past decade and suddenly believe the same people that have done everything possible to demonize God fearing, flag waving, patriotic Americans as right wing extremists?

Didn't we spend the last 20 years fighting a war that was ill conceived and unwinnable, costing 9 trillion dollars, 4,500 American, and nearly 1,000,000 Iraqi and Afghani lives; against an enemy more entrenched and radicalized than ever?

Is DARPA funding an entire bio-weapons industry in Ukraine that is illegal under international treaty and for that reason can't operate within the United States?

Is Hunter Biden's cushy position with Burisma Holdings, and Papa Joe's video bragging about his role in firing the Ukrainian Prosecutor too big a story for the lamestream media to laughingly refer to it as Russian disinformation?

Why should Americans give a rat's ass about Ukraine's border security when our own feckless politicians leave U.S. borders wide open to limitless illegal immigration, human trafficking, & a endless war in drugs? (stop the rape tree's)

I know that there are many of my listeners that buy the lamestream media story about this being a fight for freedom by an abused and downtrodden people, but what if it is something entirely different and our “leaders” in the District of Criminals are working frantically to cover up their financial shenanigans and DARPA funded clandestine bio-weapons labs in a key part of the former Soviet Union?

Something smells fishy about this whole frenzy to get America embroiled in another senseless war that is none of our business.

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THE GOD COMPLEX understanding the Globalist mindset

THE GOD COMPLEX understanding the Globalist mindset

May 8, 2022

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We have become pawns in a very evil game of human control through Directed Evolution and Experimental Evolution programs.

Alarm bells should be clanging around the world as these "man/gods" openly talk about the need to improve humanity with the wondrous new tools available for a select group of the "enlightened ones" to alter human physiology through "directed evolution" and "experimental evolution" programs that they conceive, create and control.
Not only do they openly express their contempt for God's natural evolution and humanity in general, they feel they have the right and duty to alter human physiology in ways that suit their view of the purpose of mankind and all other aspects of God's creation.
If we give them the power to control evolution, they will have the power control the future of mankind.
Life and death decisions are now being made by men of exceedingly low character and limitless self esteem. 
After reducing human populations to levels the power elite consider sustainable (between 500 million and a billion people) the remainder must be completely controllable with the application of technology (transhumanism) that is evolving under their careful tutelage. 
And naturally, the same useful idiots and high IQ nitwits in government, academia and media that have served their power elite masters for generations, will continue to protect and serve them until their usefulness is no more.
Social Credits = Total Societal Control

Social Credits = Total Societal Control

April 17, 2022

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Technology and monetary policy has synthesized into a control grid network known as the social credit system.

The ideological foundation of Globalism makes no pretense of fidelity to any doctrine other than absolute control and uncontested power. 
It is a control grid system without conscience or moral constraint.
Understand that David Rockefeller and many ultra wealthy globalist bankers and power brokers have long envisioned a human herd that can be controlled from cradle to grave by a handful of the enlightened ultra rich.
In their twisted view of utopian society, humans are little more than semi-intelligent livestock to be managed and culled at the whim of the power elite. 
Humans are to be allowed to live or die at their pleasure, and our sole purpose is to serve the handful of enlightened masters who claim to know what is best for the planet.
The technology known as 5G will supplant the surveillance state with technology originally created by the U.S. military for crowd control; with enhanced features that could potentially control our thoughts. 
Supplant that with a forced vaccination program that allows the introduction of microchips and nano technology into the human bloodstream under the rubric of fighting a Covid-19 pandemic, and bingo……….welcome to the New World Order!!
Discovering Reality

Discovering Reality

March 14, 2022

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As the world teeters on the edge of another planned disaster
one has to wonder where reality begins and ends.

Who is creating our perception of reality, and what is the end goal for these deceivers of humanity. It appears that the end goal is stealing our souls, then erasing humanity from the face of the earth.

The science fiction movie The Matrix was considered really far fetched in 1997 when it first debuted, but was it actually much closer to reality than we ever imagined?

Is the Matrix real and our comfortable perception of life on earth all wrong?

The one thing we know for sure is that the mainstream media, academia, and the political establishment have fed us a steady diet of false realities for so long that we have not the slightest idea where truth begins or ends.

So, what is truth and reality?  Truth and reality are so frightening that few will be willing to accept them, even when confronted with their own extermination for failing to react. Those who shape our reality know this and find it to be a useful tool for the ongoing control over us.

WAKE UP AMERICA and save humanity before it is too late!


Connecting The Dots
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The Power of Nitric Oxide:




March 9, 2022

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The pandemic is a plandemic using fear to bring humanity into submission to a Godless social order controlled by a powerful few.

Dr. Jane Ruby on masks, covid, how it came to be, what's up with covid vaccines, the effects on the military taking the jab, the blood of the jabbed, what's in the jab, the patent process, the staged coordinated crime that is now coming to fruition... and the sheeple are primed for the next hoax.

Undertakers and embalmers are coming forward in unprecedented ways with personal observations and physical evidence of deadly blood clots and unusual latex like substances in vascular systems of an overwhelming number of deceased recipients of Covid vaccines.

Moreover there is a recent study from the UK that statistically documents 4/5ths of Covid related deaths being to people thrice vaccinated. If these vaccines are truly as safe and effective as quoted by the establishment, why are autopsies of vaccine related deaths being so openly swept under the rug, and studies like this being ignored?

Engineered Economic Destruction.

What can we do?
WAKE UP AMERICA and save yourselves before it is too late!

Connecting The Dots

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March 8, 2022

Full Show Notes:

How many lies and liars does it take to awaken people to reality?  Shouldn't we question authority that consistently deceives us?

The world of 2022 is much like the parallel universe theories that have been portrayed many times by science fiction writers, physicists and futurists explaining the concept of relativism.

With parallel universe's, absolutes are non-existent and realities are merely perspectives of individuals based on their interpretation of a world of constantly changing values, norms and mirage like visions of the physical world.

In other words, reality is strictly perspective and subject to constant reinterpretation.  There are no absolutes……period.  Murder, theft, rape, you name it, become subjective norms in a world that recognizes no absolute values.

This is the world of relative humanists and atheists that promote collectivism and global technocracy.  This is a world where lies and truth are interchangable, depending on circumstance.  To live this way is impossible for rational adults with established value systems, but seems to be easily accomplished by high IQ nitwits and libtard savants.

Right is now considered wrong, while wrong is now considered right.  Thinking people worldwide are coming to an understanding that if it comes from the lamestream media, academia, the political establishment, or social media bohemoths, it is more than likely complete bullshit.

Knowing that, does it frighten you as much as it frightens me that millions of those who claim to have quit drinking the cool-aid are now buying into the lamestream media, Obiden Administration, academia and UN calls to destroy and even murder Putin? Doesn't decades of being lied to without end by these very same jerks make you think twice about chugging more kool-aid?

Connecting The Dots

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2022 – will it be a year of renewal or destruction?

2022 – will it be a year of renewal or destruction?

February 2, 2022

Full Show Notes:

For those who think that a plan is afoot to destroy most of humanity and radically change society......congratulations for being awake.

The power to compute is so advanced that robotics and artificial intelligence are exponentially more capable than most humans can even comprehend.

Every conversation, every email, every computer keystroke and even our facial expressions are being recorded and analyzed.

Humans have become lab rats in a social engineering experiment that started with good intentions, but has gone completely off the rails.

Money and banking has been moving to a completely digital, cashless monetary system that is international in scope and based on a social credit system created for the communist Chinese oligarchs by software giant Google as a model for the entire world.

When this digital monetary system is fully implemented, mankind will be controlled so thoroughly that no one will be able to challenge the established authorities or act as individuals.

In this Podcast episode we talk about the things that are going on in our country.  Covid.  The fact that it may be a parasite and not a virus.  The fact that the things that are the most effective against covid are things that knock down parasites. 

We talk about the economy, digital currency, social credit score, central banks, the metaverse and all the things most people don't want to talk about.




TREASON - a necessary tool for globalists

TREASON - a necessary tool for globalists

January 27, 2022

Full Show Notes:

For anyone who swears an oath to our U.S. Constitution, aligning with and promoting Globalism and Marxism is TREASON.

It is very difficult for many of us who love our country to understand how someone in a position of public trust could and would, intentionally with malice and forethought, bow to our enemies and destroy our national heritage. 

It is especially troubling when we realize their goal (communism) is "fundamentally transforming" our nation into something diametrically opposed to the vision of our Founding Fathers.

It is equally difficult for many to realize how long this process has been happening and the sheer magnitude of so-called leaders that have been part of this treasonous plot. 

Although we focus on the U.S.A., this process has been happening worldwide for even longer, with international bankers and powerful industrialists (the Power Elite) at the tip of the spear, providing the payoffs and bribes that weak willed men and women are willing to take in trade for their honor and the public trust they claim to uphold.

Much of our national and international leadership is swimming in the hubristic belief that they are the intellectual equivalent of Gods on earth, capable of deciding the future of humanity, for humanity; even how many people should live or die.

The new American Aristocracy (politicians) are willing to do almost anything to stay in power: treason, genocide, bribery, blackmail and murder included. Justice has taken on a whole new meaning. 

The political class see justice as "just us" and average Americans are excluded from that club.

Guests: Carl Teichrib and Mark Sutherland




Erasing America - using illegal immigration to erase borders

Erasing America - using illegal immigration to erase borders

January 26, 2022

Full Show Notes:
There is a very solid plan behind the leftist move for unlimited illegal immigration; it is called Globalism.

Boots on the ground report from the border.
Jordon Conradson, an investigative journalist for The Gateway Pundit. Christie Hutcherson (Women Fighting for America) and CEO/Founder of Global Engine Solutions, a woman-owned business which supports strategic DOD initiatives supporting American national sovereignty

They plan on doing so many of the things that are going to destroy this country and right at the center of it is Unlimited Illegal Immigration.  Christie Hutcherson has been battling this with her group Women Fighting for America.

We have somewhere between five hundred thousand to a million getaways.  Getaways are very concerning to me. 

Getaways are the individuals who don't want to be caught, that pay very high prices to the cartels to bring them over into this country. 

We know for a fact we've got Afghans, Syrians, Iranians, Chinese…  They're all entering through Venezuela. They fly in an aircraft to Venezuela.  Then they come up through Venezuela and through Guatemala Mexico. 

They make their way all the way up here to the borders and they've crossed over our borders and they are literally living, eating and breathing in our communities just sitting back waiting to do soft targets.

We have numerous areas where I call the no man's land.  These are areas that they're zero patrolling, there is no oversight whatsoever. 

The drug cartels have complete one hundred percent operational control of some of her northern borders, by the way, and our southern borders.

  You can even ask an ice agent.  You can ask DPS.  You can ask a border patrol this question and they will tell you we have we have lost our borders.



THE STATE OF DISUNION MESSAGE - the left’s contempt for patriotism

THE STATE OF DISUNION MESSAGE - the left’s contempt for patriotism

January 23, 2022

Full Show Notes:

How did we allow the communist radicals of the 60s to take over all of our most important institutions including: government, academia, media, and recently the military?  Although they are still in the minority, they now hold the reins of power in unprecedented ways and are fomenting racial unrest and social turmoil that is destroying our culture.

Will we have to wait until they tear the Constitution in half as well and turn our great republic into just another failed third world communist dictatorship in their cherished New World Order?

We have never before had such high level treasonous contempt for everything most Americans hold dear.  One hundred years of Marxist progressive education has changed our culture from a nation of lions and patriots to a nation of sheep.

Congress has become the mouthpiece of big money special interests, spending less time than ever actually doing their job and most of their time raising money for their next campaign, trying to maintain their place in the new American aristocracy.

They write most new laws with assistance from non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and through their internal rule making processes are taking over most Congressional responsibilities.  Administrative rules are very quietly replacing rule of law and Congress is complicit with this unconstitutional transfer of power by their negligence and sheer laziness.

It is clear that we can no longer vote the bums out, not with a election process that is manipulated to a level that boggles the mind.  Honest and fair elections will never return as long as we allow computerized voting and absentee ballots.  Paper ballots at a precinct level and valid IDs are the only way to return power to the people.

Is this a time for a State of the Union whitewash or a time to understand the mess we are in and face the difficult task of turning the nation around?

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Sociopaths and Libtard Savants - a marriage made in Hell…

Sociopaths and Libtard Savants - a marriage made in Hell…

January 20, 2022

Full Show Notes:
This program will entertain and enlighten you about one of the strangest paradoxes known to man......... ......the LIBTARD SAVANT, a group of intellectually gifted, but often socially retarded misfits, that when put into a position of power, can create absolute havoc when their lack of common sense is mixed with an over inflated ego, and desire to control society.

So who are the libtard savants, and why do I also link them with sociopaths? 
Because they are often both libtards and sociopaths! 

You see, libtard savants are often so consumed with their own importance and a sense that they are gifted with such extraordinary brilliance that they feel omnipotent. 

This self importance is born out by their success and the fact that so many people will grovel at their feet and prostrate themselves to be part of their entourage.

America is being steam-rolled to oblivion, yet we continue to follow the very people that have facilitated our destruction. 

Why?  Because they are highly educated, rich, high up in government, control social media, or any number of questionable reasons that allow the fleecing to continue. 

Like moths to the flame or sheep to the slaughter, we just keep following the same libtard savants and sociopaths that led us here in the first place.

Moreover, we do it with a disconnect from reality that has been carefully honed by the Power Elite and their useful idiots occupying many of the important government, academic, media and corporate positions that will profit from our destruction............or at least they think they will.




LEADING THE CHARGE - why Red Pills Matter

LEADING THE CHARGE - why Red Pills Matter

October 24, 2021

Full Show Info:

Guests: G. Edward Griffin, Mike (KingDude) Church, Juliette Engle MD

Isn't it time to try a RED PILL and start seeing the world as it really is?

This is the gathering place for truth seekers and those who want to make this a better world.

Visit the website and see the astounding lineup of speakers and topics.

If you cannot physically attend, be sure to check out the live stream option.

Come to Lafayette, Louisiana on November 6 & 7 and join like minded patriots wanting to know the truth and willing to start down the rabbit hole called reality.

Vaccine/Mask Mandates -should we resist?

Vaccine/Mask Mandates -should we resist?

September 29, 2021

Hear the opinions of two warriors from across the pond in the U.K. - the battle between good and evil.

Guests: Kate Allison Shemirani & Mark Sutherland

This podcast will focus on the UK and European awakening, gaining traction as a consequence of the hubris of globalist elites dictating to the EU and attempting to nullify the Brexit vote.  Current UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is proving to be anything but the independent champion of national sovereignty, repeatedly looking for ways to kneecap the Brexit movement and circumvent the will of the voters.  In a word, Johnson has proven himself to be a true "globalist", part of the same rotten cabal that currently occupy most seats of power worldwide.

In fact, people from around the world are awakening to a very inhumane agenda meant to separate, slice, dice, divide and Balkanize humanity through a well coordinated plan to confuse and isolate us before we can identify and fight back against the real enemies of humanity; the globalist power elite.

How does the Covid 19 plandemic figure into the equation and what are the options for freedom loving people in a world dominated by greed, ideological extremism, moral depravity?

Full Show Info:


Ret. Generals Discuss – the Biden Contribution to the NWO

Ret. Generals Discuss – the Biden Contribution to the NWO

September 13, 2021

Full Show Info:
The Afghanistan debacle & The Biden Contribution to the New World Order
Thomas McInerney Lieutenant General USAF (ret) - Joseph Arbuckle Major General (ret) -
Bill Coate Colonel USMC (ret) - Alan Jones & Mary Fanning

Under this "new normal" basic freedoms like travel and where/how you choose to live will be eliminated and replaced by totalitarian government control of every aspect of your life from cradle to grave.  Something as simple as determining what substances are injected into your body will become government choices rather than personal choices......with that tyranny ends personal freedom and any semblance of the American vision of life, liberty and property.  Welcome to the New World (dis)Order envisioned by the power elite for the past 2 century's; it will totally control your lives very, very soon.

China Joe Obiden's contribution to the final and complete collapse of the United States of America will be his legacy for the New World Order.......UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER, and playing the fool for the power elite and Barack Hussein Obama.


Killing America - A 100 Year Murder with Author - M. S. King

Killing America - A 100 Year Murder with Author - M. S. King

September 7, 2021

Full Show Info:

A review of the various dirtbags that became the elected national leaders of the past century reveals a who's who of globalist and Marxist ideologues who have done a remarkable job of getting themselves elected to office despite their obvious shortcomings and anti-American biases.

Guest: M. S. King - Author and Investigative Journalist

M. S. King Website:

The Human Tragedy along our Southern border…

The Human Tragedy along our Southern border…

August 18, 2021
Our guests this week will show video footage and personal observation of illegal immigrant human tragedies playing out across America.  We will explore how many well meaning Americans are being duped into believing that this tragedy is unavoidable and a necessary consequence of a too restrictive legal immigration policy.
The human tragedy along our Southern border has been magnified over the past 8 months by the Obiden/Harris administrative actions and numerous Executive Orders emanating from the White House.  Drug running, human trafficking, murder, assault, rape and gang/terror group incursions are increasing exponentially.
The impacts on state and county governments and their community services is causing havoc across America.  Previously eradicated communicable diseases like tuberculosis, cholera and typhus are beginning to show up around the country and entire hotels are being commandeered by government agencies to provide isolation facilities for identified Covid positive illegal immigrants.
WAKE UP AMERICA!  It is time for Americans of all races, creeds and colors to recognize the ultimate purpose of unlimited illegal immigration and to demand that elected officials honor their oath of office to uphold protect and defend the Constitution and our republic against all enemies foreign and domestic. This includes the defense of our national borders and a return to rational immigration policies.
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Exposing The Transhumanist Agenda

Exposing The Transhumanist Agenda

August 16, 2021

Full Show Info:

To understand the transhumanist movement we must understand the ideologies and psychosis of the ruling class overturning our established civilization and remolding it to "build it back better" according to them..........after all they are Gods...........right?

When connecting the dots between seemingly unrelated historical events, political movements of the past two centuries and their role in the planned (globalist controlled) "Great Reset", we need to step back far enough from the abyss to comprehend the big picture.  Their transhumanist plan for the future of civilization, is buried in a matrix made intentionally complex by the plotters and their journalistic and scientific useful idiots.  To not expose the diabolical nature of their schemes, while exposing just enough fact to claim that they were being transparent, allows them to hide in plain sight under the (sightless) eyes of the controlled media and their globalist propaganda organs.



July 29, 2021

Full Show Info:
Selwyn Duke & Michael Cutler

Attacks on national sovereignty by international political spokesmen are a daily occurrence in America and around the world.  Is the idea of nation states really the outmoded relic of the past that so-called humanitarian intellectuals say that it is? Should we as Americans be willing to give up our individual liberty "for the greater good" of a collectivist world hell bent on making poverty and the deep state control grid/social credit system the new norm?  Why are the same deep state political leaders that are selling this swill, also promoting open borders and unlimited immigration around the world?

Nation states can only be destroyed when their culture, national identity and belief that their country is in some way unique, is overwhelmed by other cultures given free access to their political, economic, social and institutional systems, thereby cancelling cohesive civil societies and cultures, replacing them with chaos and confusion.

Globalism promotes unlimited immigration because they need to destroy national sovereignty, cohesive civil society, national pride and free market economies.  Only then will their failed ideas become workable.  When everyone is living in despotism and economic misery without competition from freedom loving capitalistic cultures, only then can collectivism be truly successful.



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