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THE WAR AGAINST PUTIN - the globalists vs Putin

THE WAR AGAINST PUTIN - the globalists vs Putin

May 14, 2022
Methinks something stinks in Ukraine and it smells a lot more like Obama, Biden, Pelosi, Clinton, Bush and DARPA than Putin.

The Russia/Ukraine conflict as reported by the useful idiots of the lamestream media and our own duly selected “dear leader”, China Joe Obiden, paints Putin and Russia as the epitome of evil, hell bent on killing as many innocent Ukrainians as possible in a very irrational and helter skelter way.

Has the United States been intentionally pulling the Tiger's tail by corrupting and manipulating the political process in Ukraine and in other former territories of the Soviets?

Will we ignore the many lessons of the past decade and suddenly believe the same people that have done everything possible to demonize God fearing, flag waving, patriotic Americans as right wing extremists?

Didn't we spend the last 20 years fighting a war that was ill conceived and unwinnable, costing 9 trillion dollars, 4,500 American, and nearly 1,000,000 Iraqi and Afghani lives; against an enemy more entrenched and radicalized than ever?

Is DARPA funding an entire bio-weapons industry in Ukraine that is illegal under international treaty and for that reason can't operate within the United States?

Is Hunter Biden's cushy position with Burisma Holdings, and Papa Joe's video bragging about his role in firing the Ukrainian Prosecutor too big a story for the lamestream media to laughingly refer to it as Russian disinformation?

Why should Americans give a rat's ass about Ukraine's border security when our own feckless politicians leave U.S. borders wide open to limitless illegal immigration, human trafficking, & a endless war in drugs? (stop the rape tree's)

I know that there are many of my listeners that buy the lamestream media story about this being a fight for freedom by an abused and downtrodden people, but what if it is something entirely different and our “leaders” in the District of Criminals are working frantically to cover up their financial shenanigans and DARPA funded clandestine bio-weapons labs in a key part of the former Soviet Union?

Something smells fishy about this whole frenzy to get America embroiled in another senseless war that is none of our business.

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Human Pawns of Illegal Immigration

Human Pawns of Illegal Immigration

May 10, 2022

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Illegal immigrants have become pawns in a very evil chess game to destroy nation states and move us into world government.

Illegal immigration affects everyone, and although there are enormous social and economic costs for everyone, they don't begin to compare with the immorality of using human beings as pawns in a global chess game to destroy sovereign nations while promoting totalitarian world government.

We all know that America is a land of immigrants.  Our strength is in our diversity; not the convoluted social progressive diversity touted by leftist revolutionaries like Obama, Harris and Obiden, but the diversity of individuals willing to risk everything for the freedom to succeed by the sweat of their brow in a land of limitless opportunities. 

They wanted to be Americans because of the opportunity and freedom that only the American republic afforded.

the International Power Elite are using unlimited
immigration to destroy national sovereignty and move the whole world into their socialist/Marxist/feudalist New World Order. With the willing assistance of progressive lap dogs and the other politically correct useful idiots that refuse to think with their brain, immigration has become the bane of humanity and an important tool for Globalists.
Who are the real losers in this Power Elite chess game?  Just about everyone except the guys at the top pulling the strings and making big money off everybody's personal misery.
This is definitely not the America that made us the envy of the world. Wake up America before globalists destroy what made America great!
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WHY WE NEED SECURE BORDERS - destroying America through illegal immigration

WHY WE NEED SECURE BORDERS - destroying America through illegal immigration

January 22, 2019

Defined and secure national borders are a necessary part of national sovereignty. Without secure and defined borders you no longer have a nation in any meaningful sense. The nation states that comprise the European Union are disintegrating because of the open border policies of the globalists that have been in control of Europe during the coerced transition to world Marxist/technocratic government. Movements like Brexit are a consequence of globalist overreach and now present a serious challenge to the new world order.

This week we will hear from border security experts Chuck Floyd and Michael Cutler about why it is imperative to support the President and defend the border and end the flow of: illegal aliens, drugs, human trafficking and gang/terrorist sleeper cells into the United States.

Indigenous People-pawns of globalist planners

Indigenous People-pawns of globalist planners

March 1, 2018

Native Americans and other indigenous people worldwide are being used as pawns in a very dangerous game by globalist planners and socialist progressives that are hell-bent on destroying traditional American concepts of private property through stealth programs that reduce our ability to use our land as we see fit, especially when it doesn’t impact adjoining property owners.

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