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September 8, 2022

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Destroying our dams will destroy much of Western agriculture and some of the most important infrastructure in America.

A key to the success of the war on the West is the destruction of dams and taking of 100+ year old water rights from farmers and ranchers that depend on irrigation and stock water to survive.

As the water goes, so go the small producers that historically fed America and the world.

The cleanest and most reliable form of energy (hydroelectric) will be destroyed as well and the so-called “green renewable “energy of solar and wind, although notoriously unreliable and expensive, will supposedly replace it.  None of this makes sense unless your goal is to reduce human population and destroy free market economies.

Stated goals of Agenda 21/2030 are the elimination of non-corporate agriculture, meat consumption, most forms of mining & logging, private property and the ability to travel.

In essence, Americans will be moved into mega-cities of public housing & public transportation (human kennels) while most of America will be off limits to humans; unless of course you are one of the elite few in control of the rest of the sheeple.

The Dutch Farmers / South America - Pictures & Warning Signs with guest Harry Booyens

The Dutch Farmers / South America - Pictures & Warning Signs with guest Harry Booyens

August 10, 2022

The issue of the Dutch farmers in Holland, is a subject that we have to cover.  Because they are the direct recipients of some of the most evil aspects of U.N. Agenda 21/2030.  They're being put out of business, seeing their entire agriculture industry go down the tubes. 

Holland of all places, the Netherlands, are the number two most traded and greatest economic booster in agriculture in the world behind only the United States.

They've been told by the EU and by the U.N., that they need to end much of their agriculture to meet strict standards that were set up to reduce carbon emissions in Europe by at least 50% in the next seven or eight years.

This is something that is threatening to take the entire Dutch agricultural economy down.  When I say down, I mean making private ownership and small farms a thing of the past.  Of course this is exactly what they intended from the very beginning…





April 14, 2022

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Destroying our dams will destroy much of Western agriculture and some of the most important infrastructure in America.  Wake up America and save America's dams and western agriculture. Your lives may depend on it.

Dams are as critical a part of American infrastructure as roads, bridges, and sewage plants.  The fact that so many (over 6,000) dams are being targeted for destruction by 2030 should be sounding alarms all over America.  The loss of hydro-electrical energy alone could be catastrophic, especially when being replaced by wind and solar sources that are extremely unreliable under the best of circumstances.  The lunatics are clearly in charge of the asylum, finding simple facts like basic survival for millions of people inconsequential in their Marxist/utopian world view.  After all, destroying dams is such a small part of their overall plan to destroy humanity; who but a few western farming and ranching families could possibly care?  If you happen to be the majority of Americans living in "flyover country", the hubris of these obnoxious bastards occupying D.C., lamestream media, academia and living on the "least and left coasts" is intolerable.

The U.S. Bureau of Land Management was the great dam builder of the 20th century. Under BLM programs, thousands of earthen and reinforced concrete dams were built all over America, primarily in the Western States.  The rationale behind these dams was simple; provide water storage for crop irrigation by farmers in the arid western states, provide inexpensive and extremely reliable hydro-electric power generation, provide reliable municipal water resources, and provide great recreation opportunities and beautiful landscapes for average Americans to enjoy.  That was back when our government actually existed for the benefit of the governed.

Fast forward to Amerika 2022 and the picture is quite different.  The BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT has been converted from a government agency meant to serve the citizens to an extension of radical environmental special interests promoting an agenda known as Agenda 21/2030.  



April 10, 2022

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The Green New Deal and UN Agenda 21/2030...  After 3 decades of calling anyone mentioning UN Agenda 21 a wingnut and conspiracy theorist, it turns out that we wingnuts were right all along, while the conspiracy was hiding in plain sight
and being sheltered by the same evil actors that are vilifying us.

They have become so confident in their ultimate success that they now openly call for the "fundamental transformation" of American independence, and converting the uniquely American right to own property into a Marxist technocratic model straight out of Huxley's Brave New World.

Sadly, 100 years of Marxist indoctrination in our schools has led most younger Americans down the primrose path of Utopian Socialism that promises free stuff for everyone without personal responsibility.  It's ironic that the only countries getting a free pass on this “fundamental transformation” are already living under communism…………….which proves what we conspiracy theorists have been saying all along; it's not about the environment and never was, it's about destroying free market capitalism while advancing communism.

The Green New Deal is not green, not new, and it is certainly not a good deal…….it is a very red, old and well thought out plan to capture, hamstring and eventually destroy free market capitalism, while moving humans into a cradle to grave control grid society that will end a sovereign America and deindustrialize the developed world as we know it.

Do we have a responsibility to conserve and care for our natural environment? Absolutely we do, but when you compare environmental responsibility between command/ control and free market economies, facts prove beyond a shadow of doubt that free market economies are much better stewards of the environment.


The Unsustainability of Sustainability…

The Unsustainability of Sustainability…

September 30, 2021

Sustainability as defined by the Marxist technocrats at the UN is only sustainable if they are allowed to destroy humanity and industrial society.

Guest: Debbie Bacigalupi – Educational speaker on Agenda 21, the 2030 Agenda,
Cap and Trade, Sustainable Development, property rights,
dams and water rights, “conservation” and other related issues.

Some would say that all that control is wise and necessary for “the common good” which is justification for totalitarianism and despotic rule by the few over the many. I would call that putting lipstick on a pig or putting frosting on a turd no matter what you try to dress it up as.

The lock-step march toward a socialist/Marxists New World Order technocracy has resumed under this administration and is now being thrown into hyper-drive with the announcement that the Biden/Harris Administration is in full support of the 30 x 30 plan to transfer 30% of all US landmass into the public domain by 2030 and move us immediately into a “green economy”, virtually guaranteeing a massive decline in the standard of living for our shrinking middle-class.  This is a reflection of just exactly how committed this administration is to the U.N. Agenda 21/2030 plan to destroy the uniquely American right to own private property, and in the process, curtail our ability to sustain a thriving middle class.

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Communist Indoctrination in Public Schools

Communist Indoctrination in Public Schools

September 1, 2021

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Guest: Holly Swanson – is a leading authority on the undisclosed political agenda of the environmental movement.  Swanson is know for exposing how environmental education is being used to politically indoctrinate American children, future voters, to revolutionary communist beliefs and goals.

The public school system is being used by the radical leftist for political indoctrination, training young Marxist and brainwashing kids into the communist green agenda.

Other than openly stolen elections and cognitive dissonance of monumental proportions, how did this radical conversion of America occur, and why have we let the failed ideas of Marxist apparatchiks dominate our political discourse, influence our decision makers, control the mainstream media, and brainwash the educators? If you think somehow this has happened as a consequence of an era of intellectual enlightenment you are obviously ready to be vaccinated.

Progressive socialists, aka cultural Marxists, have controlled the mainstream media and academia for many decades and have been promoting the most anti-constitutional radical Marxist agenda imaginable where it hits us the hardest; by indoctrinating our youth. Across America, K-12 schools have become propaganda incubators for the most radical Marxist programs, as America's teachers colleges became dominated by Frankfurt School trained ideologues.

The green new deal, Agenda 21, and other programs all mesh into the idea of educating our youth to become global citizens instead of Americans, and to embrace Marxism in educational philosophy and hate capitalism, destroying the united states of America.

Holly’s books, Training for Treason and Set up and Sold Out – Find Out What Green Really Means, are really exceptional works.



August 7, 2021

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Everything we hear is virtually word for word out of the hymnal of the left, The Communist Manifesto, and we are expected to accept this crap without so much as a challenge to the workability of these monumentally stupid ideas.  And, to top it off, we are now hearing this lockstep message from the CCP and Marxist controlled lamestream media and taxpayer funded Frankfurt School American academia.

Many of you ask "how does this promotion of collectivism fit within the framework of Agenda 21/2030", the 1619 Project, BLM, ANTIFA, Critical Race Theory, WOKE, transgenderism, transhumanism and the countless other movements meant to slice, dice, separate and Balkanize our once coherent national identity.  My response is "perfectly", since they were inspired by the same sinister playbook: The Communist Manifesto.

Every President since George HW Bush has promoted these Marxist/Globalist programs until the much hated by the establishment President Donald Trump pulled us out of the UN Paris Climate Accords in 2017.  With the very questionable residential selection of China Joe Obiden in 2020 the pro Marxist "New World Order" GREEN program is back on track.



July 27, 2021

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Paul Driessen & Debbie Bacigalupi

This is all about UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030, the Technocracy, Marxist, Globalist control of our world and the destruction of the United States of America as a Constitutional Republic.  The ultimate goal is to go back to a power elite feudal system where a handful of people control everything, own everything and the rest of us are just serfs in this process.  They will use the technology of Technocracy to control the masses so that we don't get out of hand.

The Mean Green Economy Killing Machine is in the process of changing the world with their kind of greening; stealing then transferring enormous amounts of money through grants and payoffs that destroy the right to own private property.


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Regional Government: The Blueprint for Your Future

Regional Government: The Blueprint for Your Future

May 9, 2021

Understanding Agenda 21

The Replacement of local governments and elected officials with Regionally Appointed governments. Known as COGs (Councils of Governments), they are straight out of the ICLEI (the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives) sustainable development playbook. COGs have one purpose: end local, democratically elected governments and replace them with autocratically controlled regional bureaucracies willing to promote sustainability and one world government.

Dr. Michael Coffman and

Michael Shaw

Flashback show from 2016 - You need to know this information



April 11, 2021

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Guests: Michael Shaw – is licensed as an attorney and CPA.  He is also an entrepreneur, land manager, abundance ecologist and was Freedom Advocates founder.
Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai – the inventor of email and polymath, holds four degrees from MIT, including his PhD in Biological Engineering, and is a world -renowned systems scientists.

Right after shutting down XL Pipeline and the many thousands of high paying jobs and the U.S. energy independence that it represents, President Obiden recommitted the United States to the stultifying Paris Climate Accords and the underlying Marxist program known as Agenda 21/2030.  So what exactly are the Paris Climate Accords and why should we care if we are “back in“?

The Paris Climate Accords are part of a U.N. scheme to implement all of the socialists elements that are included in the policy framework for world government know as U.N. Agenda 21/2030, and do it in a way that most Americans are virtually unaware until the programs are so fully implemented that it is too late to reverse the process.  The Paris Climate Accords are another significant step in the full implementation of totalitarian socialist control of every aspect of life on the planet.  At the core of this plan is the destruction of private property, redistribution of American wealth and the remaking of society into a cradle to grave technocratic world government using “climate change” as a pretext for implementing these draconian changes.  We are told that the world will end if we don’t immediately “fundamentally transform” America from the land of the free and the home of the brave to the land of the sheep and the home of the slave.

Why the disparity?  Quite simply, America has been targeted as the major free market economy in the world and must be destroyed for the communist command/control economic model to work.  The U.N. is and has always been a major political arm of the worldwide Marxist/communist movement, working tirelessly for the past 75 years to destroy the American free market system through an organized and very methodical process of indoctrination and faulty science.

The Green New Deal - A Plan to Deconstruct America

The Green New Deal - A Plan to Deconstruct America

January 25, 2021
When Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th President of the United States, he wasted no time before reasserting U.S. support for the UN's Paris Climate Accords and its embrace of UN Agenda 2030. He pledged strong support for A.O.C. and her allies pushing a Green New Deal that incorporates virtually all of the draconian language and goals outlined in the original U.N. 1992 Earth Summit, Agenda 21 white paper and its ugly twin, Agenda 2030.
When fully implemented these radical programs guarantee a nearly 100% complete loss of private property and personal freedom, cornerstones of our American constitutional system of limited government. As Thomas Jefferson said, "if you can't own property, you are property", and Agenda 21 policies turn humans into little more than intelligent animals under the watchful eyes of government planners controlling every human action from cradle to grave.........but naturally, it's for our own good.
The United States of America has been number one target of communist planners and Marxist ideologues for the past 100 years. To deconstruct the American republic would remove the last major stumbling block to the New World Order, a collection of Power Elite, pro Marxist technocrats that want nothing less than a complete takeover and total control of humankind. Any and every abuse of private property is promoted by sustainability proponents who argue that private property is a chief component of social injustice and must be eliminated for a just, equitable, and sustainable world. This is 100% communist doctrine!!
Virtually all of the downstream media, academia, big tech, and most of big government have sold out to the Green Machine that is in the process of changing the world with their kind of greening.........making enormous amounts of money through grants and payoffs that destroy the right to own property; caring nothing for the lives that are being ruined by their programs, all in the name of "saving the planet". Meanwhile, Councils of Government (COGs) are very effectively eliminating elected representative (accountable) government and replacing our constitutional system with a top down, absolute control, appointed technocratic system, that is totally unaccountable to the citizens it professes to serve.
The hypocrisy of the folks who claim to hate racism and slavery while trying to enslave all of humanity in their control grid "sustainable" world is really quite amazing. Wake up people, the progressive socialists now running much of our Federal and State governments are compliant if not complicit. They have increasingly moved their allegiance to the globalist camp that promotes an end to national sovereignty and a shift to UN controlled world government. This world government will be run by unelected technocrats who support the Marxist political model that manages every aspect of our lives under the false flag of sustainable development....aka UN Agenda 21/2030.
The time to be wide awake is now!
COVID 19 - never let a serious crisis go to waste!

COVID 19 - never let a serious crisis go to waste!

May 10, 2020

“You never want a serious crisis to go to waste. And what I mean by that is an opportunity to do things that you think you could not do before.”Rahm Emanuel

The shuttering of many small businesses and the forced lockdown of most of the developed world has played perfectly into the Marxist gameplan of government control of society, restricting personal travel, and ending free association of individuals. Although the real effects from months of virtual total shutdown of small businesses and the highest unemployment numbers since the Great Depression may not be felt for many months, the impacts on society will be far reaching and will likely lead to societal changes that would have been heretofore incomprehensible for most Americans.



February 16, 2020

Connecting the Dots between radical environmentalism and the expansion of global communism is a very simple process. Read the benchmark publication by the Club of Rome "Limits to Growth" and it becomes much easier to link the promoters of global collectivist government with the so-called green revolution. Communist ideology is a signature component of most environmental NGOs. They generally equate capitalism and economic development to the destruction of the natural world, while promoting unlimited government control of human activity from cradle to grave and eugenics as the panacea to save "Mother Earth" from total environmental devastation.

COP25 - losers and fanatics on display

COP25 - losers and fanatics on display

December 29, 2019

Make no mistake about it, climate alarmism is intended to do one thing, use fear to convince everyone to give up all their freedoms and rights to property in the name of saving themselves from catastrophic destruction, all the while embracing collectivism. Collectivism (communism and socialism) has historically failed because Marxist technocrats are lousy at understanding human nature and always end up using force to make others accept their brilliant plans...........naturally for our own good.



July 30, 2019

Every day seems to bring us farther from the ideas of personal responsibility and liberty that were mainstays of our American exceptionalism only a few generations ago. We are now told that free markets and capitalism are failed ideas that must be replaced with progressive ideas (socialism) which we are told will lead us to heaven on earth, a new humanist utopia that respects neither God or individual rights.

KILLING AMERICA-  thru regionalism & sustainable development

KILLING AMERICA- thru regionalism & sustainable development

April 9, 2019

Private property, once the cornerstone of American freedom has become much less meaningful and is now largely controlled by government planners and unelected bureaucrats. All private property is subject to annual property taxes that make property owners little more than tenants. Is this the meaning of "pursuit of happiness" outlined by our founders? The number one target of communist planners and Marxist ideologues has always been the elimination of private property and the sustainability movement is the antithesis of private property protections. Regionalism and Councils of Government (COGs) are very effective ways of eliminating elected representative (accountable) government.

THE GREEN NEW DEAL -  the identical twin of UN Agenda21/2030?

THE GREEN NEW DEAL - the identical twin of UN Agenda21/2030?

March 5, 2019

The Green New Deal is really just a rehash of the Green
Old Deal known as U.N. Agenda 21, which means that it is an extremely raw deal for average Americans. These green programs are only green for the insiders who seem to find profit in everything green, especially those insiders occuping cushy elected positions in Congress. They continue to promote these Marxist programs although they violate our most basic unalienable rights under the Constitution........the same Constitution they swore an oath to protect and defend against all enemies foreign and domestic.

Hang on America, we are about to go on a very wild ride into the New World Order

WHAT NEXT ?  now that the lunatics are running the asylum!!

WHAT NEXT ? now that the lunatics are running the asylum!!

February 26, 2019

For years they labeled those of us who warned about the real purpose of the radical green agenda as alarmists and conspiracy theorists. When we pointed out their efforts to subvert public education, control the mainstream media, radically alter due process, and alter life in America in ways antithetical to the original intent of the Constitution they laughed and made pointed remarks about our tinfoil hats. Americans were told that there was no organized effort to radically alter our political systems or adopt communist programs under the guise of liberalism, and anyone who said they were should be ignored as wingnuts.

Well guess what; we were right all along and Americans are about to reap their just rewards for being asleep at the wheel for the past 100 years while the radical leftists wormed their way into every institution and position of power throughout our society. We now have multiple generations that have been re-educated and indoctrinated into Marxist and progressive socialist ideologies, until almost no-one understand the most fundamental underpinnings of constitutional republican government. America has become the land of useful idiots, ushering in the Green New Deal by supporting and electing Marxists like Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

AMERICA’S NATIONAL FORESTS - stewardship Trumps radical environmentalism

AMERICA’S NATIONAL FORESTS - stewardship Trumps radical environmentalism

February 5, 2019

U.S. National Forest policy has created an environmental crisis that could be easily avoided with basic stewardship and just a kernel of common sense. Decades of anti-logging policies and lawsuits filed by Environmental Attorneys posturing to stop every timber sale on National Forest lands have severely impacted the logging industry and are harming the natural and human environment.

COP24 - How Climate Change Is Being Used To Sell The World On Communism!!

COP24 - How Climate Change Is Being Used To Sell The World On Communism!!

January 15, 2019

At the recent U.N. COP24 Conference in Katowice, Poland a international cast of characters spewing fear and faulty science moved forward with their plan to deindustrialize advanced capitalist countries and redistribute their wealth to third world and communist countries under the epithet "social justice". Although communism has failed miserably wherever it is instituted, the movement toward total global government control of every aspect of our lives is alive and well at the United Nations, and no lie or scare tactic is beyond the reach of the numerous flunkies and tyrants that thrive there. We are constantly told that mankind is destroying the planet, and industrialized society is destroying it much faster than primitive and third world cultures .

The enemy of all life on Earth is Western European and American Capitalism and the sooner we destroy free enterprise and advanced civilization, the sooner we can assure the future generations of a sustainable Utopia. However, the Utopia they envision is one where no personal choice, freedom of thought or individual liberty can be tolerated, and the rights of individuals must submit to the dictates of the collective. We must willingly turn over our freedoms and national sovereignty to an unelected group of enlightened leaders working desperately to save us from ourselves. These selfless international “leaders” have determined that man-caused (anthropogenic) global warming is destroying our planet and that we must learn to sacrifice and share our wealth with all of mankind in a perfect balance of nature, resources and a newly redefined human society where individual rights bow to the rights of the collective...… other words, communism!!

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