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Two Red Pills take on the Utah Government…

Two Red Pills take on the Utah Government…

October 31, 2022 “The Two Red Pills”, Jen & Sophie, with public records requests were able to get the contracts, the emails, the texts and other communications of Utah government officials and find out why Utah's children were being muzzled....

Learn how they have been taking action and fighting for their freedoms in Utah and how you can do the same in your state!

Meet them at The Red Pill Expo where we Bring Utah Patriots together to network and take action. Bring some friends, drop some red pills, meet new allies in the fight for truth & freedom.  Use Code "GAB15" (Live or Live-Stream)

GLOBALIST INSURRECTION spitting on rule of law

GLOBALIST INSURRECTION spitting on rule of law

May 28, 2022

January 6th, 2020 was not an "insurrection" by Trump supporters, but the aftermath is certainly an insurrection by Globalist traitors.

OK America, are you finally starting to Connect the Dots between the so-called insurrection of January 6, 2021 and the real insurrection that is happening before our very eyes; wherein deep state/progressive U.S. politicians are dismantling the US Constitution and replacing it with globalist technocracy?

Don't you find it alarming that the governing class don't have to abide by any laws, while the rest of us are buried in rules and regulations that deny any form of independence and individual liberty?

January 6, 2021 should become "PATRIOT'S DAY" to recognize the desire of the American people to choose liberty over despotism and stolen elections. We must identify and support the many political prisoners within our own country and expose the traitors attempting to bring down America from within.


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BUYING ELECTIONS - the private funding money trail in federal elections

BUYING ELECTIONS - the private funding money trail in federal elections

July 25, 2021

Full Show Info:

Guests: James Carlson & Mary Fanning

FOLLOW THE MONEY- that oft quoted axiom seems to be a pragmatic way to define human nature, and now it also seems to explain why our election process is irrepairably broken and must be reformed if we are to ever see another honest election.

Not everyone fell for the big lie, and some started connecting the dots between the money trail, foreign election interference, and the key players in this plan to make sure that the Trump Presidency ended for good on January 20, 2021.
The question now before us: is America ready to wake up and realize the enormity of our constitutional dilemma, demand extensive election reforms, and mete justifiably strict punishment for those involved in the steal? Will we refuse to accept the destruction of the honest elections we hold dear, and protect our children, grandchildren and posterity from living under totalitarian rule? The only reasonable answer is YES, WE MUST!
WILL THE DOMINOS FALL - are honest elections still possible?

WILL THE DOMINOS FALL - are honest elections still possible?

July 8, 2021

Full Show Info:
Guests: David Jose, Josh Barnett, Christina Oden
It is no longer a question of whether voter fraud exists, it is a question of how much, how often and how completely the American election process has been compromised by corrupt politicians, irresponsible courts, negligent state/local officials and hostile foreign governments in control of our media and academia.

The audit in Maricopa County, Arizona is nearly complete and collated forensic data will be carefully analyzed before public disclosure within the next several weeks.  This massive effort to reconstruct the 2020 Presidential and Senatorial Election in just one large Arizona county has taken several months and uncountable man hours by election integrity volunteers and professional auditors to complete.

Will the results of the forensic audit be a big nothing-burger like so many Democrats and progressive Republicans predict, or prove beyond a shadow of doubt that massive voter fraud is not only possible, but happened in such magnitude that just one large county could alter an entire state election outcome by percentages that boggle the mind?  Just how deep does the rabbit hole go, and how many dominos may fall if we unleash the forensic audit process across America?


Bombshell –Dr. Shiva Exposing Government/Big Tech State Sponsored Censorship

Bombshell –Dr. Shiva Exposing Government/Big Tech State Sponsored Censorship

May 25, 2021
MUST LISTEN – Dr. Shiva's Historic ongoing Lawsuit you never heard about, exposing the SOP  (Standard Operating Procedure) of State & Local Governments Cyber Election Interference Operations Playbook.  First Case in U.S. To Show Government MADE Twitter Silence Political Speech.  The playbook of government/big-tech censorship against political candidates & American Patriots.
The most important piece of the censorship you didn't know existed!   
Are Big Tech & Big Media tools/pawns of the Government?
Dr. Shiva Calls out the illusion of the left vs right and election fraud investigations.
Does Government launder censorship through twitter?
Learn how the government silences/censors political candidates through big tech.
Learn More & Support Dr. Shiva's Lawsuit: 

ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE - Exposing the big steal!

ABSOLUTE INTERFERENCE - Exposing the big steal!

April 28, 2021

Full Show Description:      Guests: Alan Jones & Mary Fanning 
Alan & Mary were absolutely central in putting together the statistical data, computer networking data, all the stuff that was involved in Mike Lindell's Absolute Proof and the new Documentary Absolute Interference.

Alan Jones and Mary Fanning are investigative journalists with a well deserved reputation for uncovering fraud, corruption and political intrigue at the very highest levels of government. Known for connecting the dots between events and the enormously powerful players behind the scenes that buy/influence politicians, control academia, own the mainstream media, and are the ultimate powers behind the throne, Mary and Alan have exposed some of the most corrupt people, ideas and programs hamstringing liberty in America and around the world.



April 27, 2021

See Full Description:

The events of January 6, 2021 have been labeled the Capitol Building Riot and subject to thousands of hours of Federal investigation.

The excuse to cancel the election fraud hearings was that a mob of crazed Trump supporters under direct orders by a fascistic and violence prone President Trump descended on the Capitol Building intent on kidnapping, brutalizing and intimidating innocent members of Congress from doing their job; forcing them to hear false evidence that America’s cleaner than spotless election process had been compromised. The downstream media had been screaming Trump foul play for the previous 2 months, insisting that there was absolutely no credible evidence supporting President Trump’s insistence that election fraud was provable, well documented, and widespread if allowed proper hearings.

Was there video evidence that this whole unseemly event was a setup meant to stop the investigation and debate that was scheduled later in the day?  Did Antifa and anti-Trump forces stage the invasion of the Capitol, working with the Capitol Police and some members of congress to paint all Trump supporters as radical despite a long history of non-violence, patriotism, civility and interracial harmony at countless Trump rallies all over America? Why was the downstream media so quick to call the Capitol breach a RIOT when it consistently called the looting, burning, murder and mayhem conducted by Antifa and BLM in cities all over America “peaceful protests”? Why were there no firearms identified or recovered from Trump supporters despite reported murders by gunshot?  If violence was the goal, why were Trump supporters videoed trying to stop suspect black-clad individuals intent on breaking windows and causing physical damage at the Capitol?  Why did Capitol Police open the gates and invite the crowd through 3 layers of barriers and right into the Capitol Chambers? And what about the video evidence that black clad Antifa agents were changing into Trump (Make America Great) garb in a park near the Capitol prior to the incursion, or please explain the line of black out windowed white passenger vans parked several blocks from the Capitol and escorted by D.C. Police long before the President’s speech?



February 14, 2021

Evidence has existed for decades that elections can and will be rigged if we refuse to look at solid evidence of fraud when it is presented.

Guests:  Investigative journalists Alan Jones & Mary Fanning
Because of their extensive high level connections throughout the National Security community, their information is accurate, extremely credible, and usually published months or even years before it reaches the downstream media.

See full description & Info:

BUYING THE VOTE IN MONTANA how to steal a national Senatorial election!

BUYING THE VOTE IN MONTANA how to steal a national Senatorial election!

October 25, 2018
The Montana Senatorial campaign of 2006 was the turning point for control of the United States Senate. Democrat Jon Tester won the seat over 3 term incumbent Republican Senator Conrad Burns when the DNRC spent massive amounts of cash on a very divisive campaign of attack ads and accusations against Burns that were later exposed as lies. Tester won with a very thin margin of victory, so thin that it was claimed by his friend, then Governor Sweitzer, that the victory was only achieved with a mathematically impossible 100% Democratic sweep of Montana’s 7 Indian tribal reservations.
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