Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

5 G, NANOTECH & VACCINES- exposing the links!

May 17, 2020
If there is one valuable lesson of the past 100 years, it is to not accept much, if anything, fed to us by the political, financial, media, corporate, and academic elites. They are notorious liars and look down on most of humanity as intellectually inferior and needing to be led for our own good. Because they feel that way, they also feel that a very large culling of the herd (93% of the human population) is in order........ for our own good. Far too many of these elites are sociopaths and can justify anything they do because of their self attributed vastly superior intellect. They even convince some of the naive underclass that it is because they care so much, and want to save humanity. Destroying us for our own good...sure, I'm convinced!!!! Add communists and radical environmental nitwits to the mix and you end up with the witches brew known as "The New Global Elite".

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