Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel


March 30, 2021

Montana and many rural states are fighting for their lives and increasingly rely on their more pro-freedom State Legislators to draft and pass legislation meant to slow or stop the federal onslaught.  Today we will talk with some who understand the need to protect citizens and promote ideas that restore freedom and personal responsibility.

Cornerstones of American exceptionalism include the right to speak openly and the right to freely associate without harassment or censorship.  We will look at Legislative efforts to protect those unalienable rights. 

GUESTS: Randal Pinocci – Public Service Commissioner – District 1 in North Central and Eastern Montana.
Theresa Manzella – Montana Senate District 44
Brad Tschida - HD 97 Montana Legislature
Martin Lynch - Process Engineering Degree ASU (Post Grad MBA & Law)


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