Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

A Talk with George Washington (Pastor Mark Collins)

March 11, 2022

Are we being herded like sheep into the "new world order" of lockstep obedience...

...through radical environmentalism, Marxism, technocracy and anti-humanism promoted by a small group of powerful men that have assumed the right to control humanity and to eliminate through any means at their disposal those who oppose their dystopian plan to reduce the human population to fewer than 1 billion people? 

Although many Americans are coming to the informed conclusion that the mainstream media is not the friend of truth seekers, dealing with the establishment media has been a difficult challenge because of the enormous influence they continue to wield on public perception. The news is no longer the is now more likely to be propaganda supporting a political narrative than objective truth. Turn off the TV and rediscover critical thinking.

As we have shown in previous podcasts, a steady diet of fear has converted a society of tough, independent, critical thinkers into a flock of mindless followers. Our Connecting the Dots podcast believes that unreasoned fear is the real virus destroying human society. Only truth and accountability will cure this terrible sickness and save humanity from the clutches of greedy and autocratic men hell-bent on destroying most of humanity and transforming the rest into automatons to serve them.


Connecting The Dots
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