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ANGELS OVER AMERICA ending human trafficking in America

June 18, 2022


Trafficking in children and young women has become a real worldwide epidemic.  Human trafficking is slavery, and must be stopped.

Human trafficking exists throughout the world, and has become a significant American problem because of the open border and amnesty policies of the past 40 years.  Illegal immigration brings with it: drug trafficking, human trafficking, general lawlessness and cartel/gang infiltration throughout the country.
The official announcement of Dr. Juliette Engel's American Angel Coalition: a program to enlist local law enforcement, County Sheriff's, responsible state and local elected officials, church groups and national leaders to the goal of ending child/human trafficking in the United States. 
Although this is a daunting task, her leadership in the field has a successful history identifying and freeing over 70,000 children from the sex trade after the fall of the Soviet Union and it's Eastern European satellites.  We welcome and support her efforts.

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