Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

Bombshell –Dr. Shiva Exposing Government/Big Tech State Sponsored Censorship

May 25, 2021
MUST LISTEN – Dr. Shiva's Historic ongoing Lawsuit you never heard about, exposing the SOP  (Standard Operating Procedure) of State & Local Governments Cyber Election Interference Operations Playbook.  First Case in U.S. To Show Government MADE Twitter Silence Political Speech.  The playbook of government/big-tech censorship against political candidates & American Patriots.
The most important piece of the censorship you didn't know existed!   
Are Big Tech & Big Media tools/pawns of the Government?
Dr. Shiva Calls out the illusion of the left vs right and election fraud investigations.
Does Government launder censorship through twitter?
Learn how the government silences/censors political candidates through big tech.
Learn More & Support Dr. Shiva's Lawsuit: 

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