Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel


July 29, 2021

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Selwyn Duke & Michael Cutler

Attacks on national sovereignty by international political spokesmen are a daily occurrence in America and around the world.  Is the idea of nation states really the outmoded relic of the past that so-called humanitarian intellectuals say that it is? Should we as Americans be willing to give up our individual liberty "for the greater good" of a collectivist world hell bent on making poverty and the deep state control grid/social credit system the new norm?  Why are the same deep state political leaders that are selling this swill, also promoting open borders and unlimited immigration around the world?

Nation states can only be destroyed when their culture, national identity and belief that their country is in some way unique, is overwhelmed by other cultures given free access to their political, economic, social and institutional systems, thereby cancelling cohesive civil societies and cultures, replacing them with chaos and confusion.

Globalism promotes unlimited immigration because they need to destroy national sovereignty, cohesive civil society, national pride and free market economies.  Only then will their failed ideas become workable.  When everyone is living in despotism and economic misery without competition from freedom loving capitalistic cultures, only then can collectivism be truly successful.



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