Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

CCP ORGAN HARVESTING – the ultimate evil

May 21, 2022

Although there is overwhelming evidence of CCP sponsored organ harvesting programs using Falun Gong and other religious & political prisoners in Chinese Labor and Re-education camps, the lamestream American media and bought and paid for “fact checkers” like Wikipedia continue to ignore or deny that such horrific practices exist.

The trade in human organs is big business in communist China, and who better to forcibly harvest organs from than the ideological and political enemies of CCP oligarchs. 

An added bonus of using the Falun Gong as involuntary “donors” is that they are often young and in extremely good health because of their naturopathic lifestyles.

To assure their transplant recipients of the lowest level of rejection, organs are often harvested from living donors without any anesthetics; guaranteeing the most ghoulish and painful deaths imaginable for the “donors” who are then unceremoniously burned to destroy the evidence of their physical mutilation.....

Guest: Mitchell Nicholas Gerber is an investigative journalist, who has dedicated 22 years to exposing The Forced Organ Harvesting of the Falun Gong spiritual movement in China.

Join us for a glimpse of daily life in the PRC to learn what happens when we surrender our freedoms to an omnipotent and very evil system of totalitarian statism.

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