Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

CENSORSHIP the end of free speech

February 18, 2022

Full Show Notes:

Free speech is such an important part of America that most people never considered the possibility that fundamental right might go away........
.........until recently.

Censorship and total control of humanity is nearly complete. We are nearing the time of irreversibility.  Will we react in time?

On this podcast, meet Documentary Film Producer/Director James Jaeger and Independent Researcher/Writer Mary Fanning who have spent decades exposing this takeover through documentary films and written expose's. 

Live Webinar: Join Dan Feb 18th for The Secret Life of Nitric Oxide webinar.   

This unique webinar opportunity is hosted by Dan Happel alongside special guests Stanford Graham and John B. Hewlett of Cardio Miracle.

Learn about the shocking new study that exposes nitric oxide's duplicity and what it may mean for improved energy, sleep, mood/anxiety, athletic performance, and sexual health.

  • What nitric oxide is, and what it does...
  • Learn From Someone Who Healed From Cardiovascular Issues
  • Dr. Malinsky and his ground breaking scientific discovery regarding Cardio Miracle
  • What your endothelium is, and why it is important...
  • How you can gain confidence in taking control of your health...
  • Dan tells personal story about nitric oxide.
  • Get your questions answered live!

Can't make the live webinar?  It will be available for replay on demand for a few days after - you'll get an email about it afterward if you register now!


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