Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

DEEP STATE INSIGHT - wading around in the D.C. swamp

September 18, 2018

Join us for a look at the D.C. swamp from the perspective of two national security insiders working with the Trump Administration. Deep state bureaucrats, mostly of the socialist and communist mindset now control much of our national government, both elected and appointed, and threaten the very fiber of our constitutional republican system of government. President Trump has committed to restoring the American republic and "making America great again" which represents the greatest threat that globalists have faced in 100 years. Like a cancer they have been destroying us from within, their ultimate goal being the end of American sovereignty and our capitalist system.

The cornerstone of our American system of government is the right of individuals to life liberty and private property. The Deep State would end all free choice and substitute collective rights for individual rights under the ruse of social justice. Learn from two insiders how we can begin to identify, expose, and remove the cancer of Marxism/socialism that has hijacked our US Constitution and Bill of Rights, and now occupies many key offices within the government.

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