Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

Erasing America - using illegal immigration to erase borders

January 26, 2022

Full Show Notes:
There is a very solid plan behind the leftist move for unlimited illegal immigration; it is called Globalism.

Boots on the ground report from the border.
Jordon Conradson, an investigative journalist for The Gateway Pundit. Christie Hutcherson (Women Fighting for America) and CEO/Founder of Global Engine Solutions, a woman-owned business which supports strategic DOD initiatives supporting American national sovereignty

They plan on doing so many of the things that are going to destroy this country and right at the center of it is Unlimited Illegal Immigration.  Christie Hutcherson has been battling this with her group Women Fighting for America.

We have somewhere between five hundred thousand to a million getaways.  Getaways are very concerning to me. 

Getaways are the individuals who don't want to be caught, that pay very high prices to the cartels to bring them over into this country. 

We know for a fact we've got Afghans, Syrians, Iranians, Chinese…  They're all entering through Venezuela. They fly in an aircraft to Venezuela.  Then they come up through Venezuela and through Guatemala Mexico. 

They make their way all the way up here to the borders and they've crossed over our borders and they are literally living, eating and breathing in our communities just sitting back waiting to do soft targets.

We have numerous areas where I call the no man's land.  These are areas that they're zero patrolling, there is no oversight whatsoever. 

The drug cartels have complete one hundred percent operational control of some of her northern borders, by the way, and our southern borders.

  You can even ask an ice agent.  You can ask DPS.  You can ask a border patrol this question and they will tell you we have we have lost our borders.



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