Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel


April 27, 2021

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The events of January 6, 2021 have been labeled the Capitol Building Riot and subject to thousands of hours of Federal investigation.

The excuse to cancel the election fraud hearings was that a mob of crazed Trump supporters under direct orders by a fascistic and violence prone President Trump descended on the Capitol Building intent on kidnapping, brutalizing and intimidating innocent members of Congress from doing their job; forcing them to hear false evidence that America’s cleaner than spotless election process had been compromised. The downstream media had been screaming Trump foul play for the previous 2 months, insisting that there was absolutely no credible evidence supporting President Trump’s insistence that election fraud was provable, well documented, and widespread if allowed proper hearings.

Was there video evidence that this whole unseemly event was a setup meant to stop the investigation and debate that was scheduled later in the day?  Did Antifa and anti-Trump forces stage the invasion of the Capitol, working with the Capitol Police and some members of congress to paint all Trump supporters as radical despite a long history of non-violence, patriotism, civility and interracial harmony at countless Trump rallies all over America? Why was the downstream media so quick to call the Capitol breach a RIOT when it consistently called the looting, burning, murder and mayhem conducted by Antifa and BLM in cities all over America “peaceful protests”? Why were there no firearms identified or recovered from Trump supporters despite reported murders by gunshot?  If violence was the goal, why were Trump supporters videoed trying to stop suspect black-clad individuals intent on breaking windows and causing physical damage at the Capitol?  Why did Capitol Police open the gates and invite the crowd through 3 layers of barriers and right into the Capitol Chambers? And what about the video evidence that black clad Antifa agents were changing into Trump (Make America Great) garb in a park near the Capitol prior to the incursion, or please explain the line of black out windowed white passenger vans parked several blocks from the Capitol and escorted by D.C. Police long before the President’s speech?

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