Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel


February 22, 2022

Full Show Notes:
Technocracy, transhumanism and the plan to meld man and machine is not a new idea. It is however an idea that required major advancements in technology to be fully realized. We have now reached the tipping point where the process of transhumanism can and is being implemented.

Many of the he most wealthy and powerful in society have yearned to be omnipotent and live forever. They have invested billions of dollars in scientific research into cryogenic projects that would allow their brain to be removed upon their death and stored in a way that would allow them to be reborn at a future time when the technology was advanced enough to allow perpetual life. Mind boggling advancements in super computers, artificial intelligence, robotics and genetic transmutation have made this possible, not The globalist/techie term for this is man/machine transformation is "Human Augmentation".

Science has replaced God in the transhumanist psyche.  Man becomes God, but only a particular class of elite men who see themselves as the ultimate purveyors of truth and wisdom through science and technology. Their brilliance makes them the ideal rulers of humanity in this egotistical world of technocratic megalomaniacs. Understanding that individualism and free will is diametrically opposed to the mindset of transhumanists is to understand why totalitarianism and Marxism is such a perfect fit with their "brave new world" of progressive thinking. Free will has no place in the control grid matrix of transhumanism, any more than private property, nation states or Christianity...

Guest: Patrick Wood


The Secret Life of Nitric Oxide


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