Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

Good Guys With Guns

April 8, 2021

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Although a movie about Good Guys With Guns would seem to be a strange choice for a program on Easter Sunday, this film is a stern warning for God fearing Americans that a concerted and open attack on Christianity will most certainly be preceded by a general disarmament of the citizens.
This film is a reminder that if we are to continue to be a free people and shall retain the right to think, live and worship as we wish, we must have the ability to protect those rights from the Progressive Political Class that wish to destroy not only our constitutional system, but the underpinnings of liberty based on Biblical teachings and God given “unalienable” rights under Natural Law.

A disarmed people are a people easy to control and destroy at the whim of the Power Elite in charge of the government.  This has been proven countless times within the past 100 years and has resulted in a genocidal culling of resistors and undesirables in the many tens if not hundreds of millions.  We must learn from this film and share this information with Christians and patriots everywhere who are depending on Americans to stand tall for freedom.

James Jaeger and Matrix Productions has been the watchman on the wall in American freedom and documentary films as Good Guys With Guns accurately depicts.  Please support his efforts…


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