Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel


December 11, 2018

We must identify the purpose and architects behind this plan to destroy our national identity, and promote independence and self-worth as a way of assuring that all races, creeds, and colors can reach their maximum potential and enjoy freedom and happiness that is unobtainable in controlled economies The lib-tards that think happiness can only be achieved if they are in control of every aspect of our lives are the architects of a system best defined as the liberal plantation; a place where every action in our lives is controlled and the only freedom we have is the freedom to be slaves of the state.

Some of the most notably racist leaders have been at the vanguard of this system of social and economic control. President Lyndon Johnson who was noted for his off color racist comments self-described his “Great Society” programs in a most derogatory way when selling the idea to so-called liberal Democrats in Congress. The Democrat Party who now claims to be the angels of political correctness were the party responsible for Jim Crow laws and racial segregation. Senator Robert Bird, a Grand Dragon in the KKK was somehow whitewashed of his racist past and became the grand old man of Democratic inclusiveness.

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