Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

INDOCTRINATE THE CHILDREN - then destroy the rest!

January 22, 2022

Full Show Notes:

A primary target of both the communists and the power elite has always been education.  They both understand that the power to control humanity and the future leaders rested squarely on the shoulders of public educators and trusted American institutions of higher learning. 

Every despot from Nero on has understood that the youth will control the future and if you control the minds of the youth, you will control the future of humanity.  

The marriage between progressive socialists and global banking elites began to be adopted from the 1920s forward with almost unlimited financial support by tax exempt foundations started by corporate fascists like Rockefeller, Schiff, Carnegie and Morgan.

This infiltration moved rapidly throughout America's institutions of higher learning.  Today, almost every college and university is an incubator of Marxist dogma, often censoring free speech and implementing political correctness that is an affront to rule of law and classical liberal education.

Not only are the educational curriculum's being pirated, books, equipment and institutional supply chains have been compromised as well.  A few large suppliers have hi-jacked the entire system, and now control the supply chain of not only schools, but are also moving into government and military institutions in ways that compromise our national security infrastructure. 

Where will it end?  One thing is quite certain; without parental involvement and the full disclosure of decades of incestuous intergovernmental /corporate relationships in K-12 education, nothing will ever change.

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