Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

MAN-GODS being caught up in the ego wars

May 18, 2022

Human physiology and our natural genetic state is becoming the ghoulish pastime of Man-God elites wishing to reinvent us.

As we come within a knifes edge of losing the not so secret war on humanity, one needn't look very far to see the who, what, why and how we got here………..we just need to acknowledge the strangling policies of egotistical Man-God one-world technocrats and admit to our lying eyes what we see!

Almost too late to make a difference, Americans are only now beginning to catch on to the globalist plan to destroy individualism and meaningful human rights.

The American "sleeping giant" is finally awakening, but can we effectively resist the New World Order of collectivist totalitarian rule?

Although a significant percentage of Americans have been educated in schools (government indoctrination centers) controlled by Marxist academics and have become the "useful idiots" of the left, most Americans still believe in individual rights, fair play, and some degree of personal responsibility.

Are there enough with the foresight, courage and moral conviction to withstand the globalist onslaught?

The absolute control of humanity as we know it is their ultimate goal.

We must come to terms with that reality and not let the will of a select few control the future of the planet.

Wake up America and put an end to this globalist nightmare by opposing their tyranny.

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