Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel


March 11, 2021

Why do so many governmental entities go out of their way to discredit homeopathic remedies while untested and hurried vaccine programs are ballyhoo'd as medical miracles?

Annaliza Spiga of CARDIO MIRACLE and Stanford Graham of ELEMENTS MEALS discuss WITH DAN the health benefits of NITRIC OXIDE, HEALTHY EATING and EXERCISE on the body. Living Healthy to reduce chances of long term health issues in a world where your choice of foods can have incredible effects on your health and vitality. Both the young and the old will benefit.

Common inexpensive drugs like Hydroxychloroquine and Chlorine Dioxide that have a proven track record in fighting Malaria and Dengue fever are shunned as medical witchcraft in treating Covid despite much evidence to the contrary. Healthy diet, staying fit, vitamin and mineral supplements such as: zinc, D3, Nitric Oxide, all show strong scientifically provable evidence that Covid is no more dangerous than many strains of flue to most people in relatively good health. Staying physically fit and eating a healthy, balanced diet stands a much better chance of warding off disease than all the pharmaceutical drugs in the world combined.
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