Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

Parallels of South Africa to America

July 3, 2018

The world of white farmers in 2018 South Africa is rife with constant fear for family and personal safety in a political climate that threatens the very existence of peaceful, industrious and resourceful settlers that made South Africa one of the most advanced agricultural cultures in the world.  The ANC government is openly communist and is creating a cultural and race divide that seems almost irreparable, a divide that is fueled by a total disrespect for rule of law and the cherished right to private property that was essential to the formation of the modern industrial country of South Africa.  South Africa went from a world class producer of agricultural commodities to a net importer of food, and is rapidly descending into a culture of subsistence farming and primitive tribalism that threatens the future of the entire population, both black and white.  What is the rationale for this obvious destruction of the economy and civil society?  Join us to learn more about the future of South Africa and sense the parallels to 21st Century America and the insanity of collectivist thinking that is like a cancer that threatens the entire world.

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