Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

SELLING FREE SPEECH – and the high bidder is Communist China!!

May 5, 2021

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Two of the 5 major American Media Conglomerates that control around 85% of the mainstream media are now majority owned and controlled by Chinese investors and shell companies under directives by the Chinese Communist Party. Almost all American journalism schools are a product of 100 + years of progressive education, and Frankfurt School Marxist influence is legendary in the Ivy League campuses that produce a dis-proportionate number of journalists for the mainstream press. Quite frankly, news is no longer news, it is communist propaganda and sensationalism with a distinctly anti-American bias.

Most Americans have turned off and tuned out the mainstream media which without the support of communist front groups and slimeball Marxist donors like George Soros, would have closed their doors years ago. According to recent polls the favorability rating of mainstream media and Congress are both somewhere south of 10%, with rags like the New York Slimes declining in subscriptions at a precipitous rate, and Cable News/Broadcast Television losing viewers so fast that they frequently have lower numbers than many home shopping channels. What is filling that gap? Alternative Media.

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