Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

Social Credit Sytstem U.S.A.

September 23, 2021

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Guests: Pastor Jordan Hall & David Sumrall

The contribution that Google software engineers made to this control grid society is a multi-faceted program of visual tracking devices combined with electronic monitoring of all personal computer and communications devices.  It is known as the Chinese "social credit system".  Literally every keystroke and conversation is monitored then combined with visual monitoring equipment capable of retinal scans, facial recognition, body structure/movement identification and sophisticated tracking techniques to create an air tight surveillance society.

The complete implementation of the social credit system is already well entrenched within American society.  It has been used within the insurance industry for several decades and is now becoming part of the financial and legal/political culture.  With the recognition that much of our academic/social culture and political leadership is part of the Marxification of America, it does not take a genius to "connect the dots" between the Google Archipeligo of communist China and the technocratic superstate that has become our national government.

David Sumrall:
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