Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

Social Credits = Total Societal Control

April 17, 2022

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Technology and monetary policy has synthesized into a control grid network known as the social credit system.

The ideological foundation of Globalism makes no pretense of fidelity to any doctrine other than absolute control and uncontested power. 
It is a control grid system without conscience or moral constraint.
Understand that David Rockefeller and many ultra wealthy globalist bankers and power brokers have long envisioned a human herd that can be controlled from cradle to grave by a handful of the enlightened ultra rich.
In their twisted view of utopian society, humans are little more than semi-intelligent livestock to be managed and culled at the whim of the power elite. 
Humans are to be allowed to live or die at their pleasure, and our sole purpose is to serve the handful of enlightened masters who claim to know what is best for the planet.
The technology known as 5G will supplant the surveillance state with technology originally created by the U.S. military for crowd control; with enhanced features that could potentially control our thoughts. 
Supplant that with a forced vaccination program that allows the introduction of microchips and nano technology into the human bloodstream under the rubric of fighting a Covid-19 pandemic, and bingo……….welcome to the New World Order!!

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