Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel


January 18, 2021

OH, did I mention that plans are in place to meld humans with machine technology to create an entirely new race called Transhumans??

A movement exists within the American and international power elite to force mankind into a New World Order, a world order that is based on totalitarian rule within a technocratically controlled society that is dependent on the State for all things.
America in the 21st century just happens to be the number 1 target of the power elite, because we represent the last, best hope for a free and open society in world becoming increasingly totalitarian, technocratic, and feudalistic.
Technology that was originally intended for the benefit of mankind has become the tool of authoritarianism as it provides the means to observe, monitor, control and coerce all segments of society 24/7/365. The increased use of artificial intelligence and quantum computing in our rapidly expanding information society makes every computer key stroke and text message a roadmap to our personal likes, dislikes, passions and opinions. We no longer have any semblance of privacy, and Big Tech in alliance with Big Government (aka Fascism) is beginning to exert control over our thoughts and actions in ways that were inconceivable a generation ago......not to mention openly stated globalist goals to reduce human population to fewer than a billion people.

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