Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

Terrorist or Patriot-stand against the Federal Leviathan

June 12, 2018

Our guests will be: Author and Public Speaker Michael Stickler who will be talking about his latest autobiographical book Cliven Bundy – American Patriot. Stickler met Cliven Bundy in the Southern Nevada Detention Center and spent 2 months interviewing and assembling the information to write an honest and detailed autobiography of the man labeled as a Domestic Terrorist by Harry Reed and the BLM. This autobiography is the story of a family that decided it had no option but to take a last stand to protect the Western ranching tradition from a Federal leviathan hell bent on absolute control of every aspect of our lives, especially our property. His stand is a case study in what could happen to anyone willing to stand against Federal Land Agency Bureaucrats, and why it is important to be willing to make that stand.  The Federal machine has become much too powerful, with a total disregard for the uniquely American tradition of private property and constitutional republican government. After hearing this radio program you are tasked with deciding for Cliven Bundy a terrorist or a patriot.

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