Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

The Future of Small Independent Ranchers and Farmers in the West

January 30, 2018

John Lamb has been my guest on radio programs over the past several years as a  daily observer to the Malheur and Bundy Trials.  John has kept our listeners informed about the daily trial events and the politically charged actions by the prosecuting attorneys, judges, and government witnesses over the 2 year time frame and various trials. This broadcast will include a recap of the various trials and will outline the many unanswered questions about the future of private property and small independent ranchers and farmers in the west.  John will be joined by Roger Root who was part of the Bundy legal team.  Roger will provide insight into the legal challenges remaining for the Bundy family, and what can be done to make sure these types of injustice are not repeated.

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