Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

THE GOD COMPLEX understanding the Globalist mindset

May 8, 2022

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We have become pawns in a very evil game of human control through Directed Evolution and Experimental Evolution programs.

Alarm bells should be clanging around the world as these "man/gods" openly talk about the need to improve humanity with the wondrous new tools available for a select group of the "enlightened ones" to alter human physiology through "directed evolution" and "experimental evolution" programs that they conceive, create and control.
Not only do they openly express their contempt for God's natural evolution and humanity in general, they feel they have the right and duty to alter human physiology in ways that suit their view of the purpose of mankind and all other aspects of God's creation.
If we give them the power to control evolution, they will have the power control the future of mankind.
Life and death decisions are now being made by men of exceedingly low character and limitless self esteem. 
After reducing human populations to levels the power elite consider sustainable (between 500 million and a billion people) the remainder must be completely controllable with the application of technology (transhumanism) that is evolving under their careful tutelage. 
And naturally, the same useful idiots and high IQ nitwits in government, academia and media that have served their power elite masters for generations, will continue to protect and serve them until their usefulness is no more.

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