Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

The Great Reset & Private Property

January 4, 2022

Full Show Info: Are the globalists promoting Agenda 21/2030 finally in charge,
and are they going to successfully steal our liberty and property?

So what do they have planned for the small farmers and ranchers that make up much of the American West and the few remaining sources of non-genetically modified food? 

Do they really plan to destroy all private property including farming and ranching that produces much of America's meat and produce? 

In a word "YES", and they plan to do it very soon.  They have made it very clear that all food, right down to the last gram will be produced by mega corporations that they own and control. 

After all, if they totally own and control the means of food production right down to the last calorie, do you really think that anyone will be able to resist their control?  And meat will be only for the elite and their toadies.  The rest will live as vegans whether we like it or not.

This week we will be looking at how one determined citizen can make a world of difference with well researched information and a solid plan of action, working with County and State elected representatives to expose the federal agencies and entrenched bureaucrats that have been at the center of a half century of land theft.

See for yourself how the federal and state laws protecting food production and range management have been illegally ignored and voided by self made agency rules dreamed up by unelected bureaucrats and the radical environmentalists guiding them.

Guest: Nathan Descheemaeker – Nathan has worked with local governments to identify and challenge attacks on small farm and ranch operations facing increased pressure and regulation by forces and groups outside of Montana, and many times outside of the United States. Through his research and work on property rights related to The American Prairie Reserve, Nathan has become an expert on UN Agenda 21/2030 and other plans of globalist planners and international bankers.

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