Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

The Method ToTheir Madness

June 20, 2022

Welcome to the New World Oder where man and machine are inseparably joined for the greater good of the Power Elite feudal masters that will own you and every other object on the planet.

The architects of these big plans are the power elite visionaries at the center of too big to fail banking and international finance combined with the heads big business, big tech, big pharma, big agriculture and big government; all wrapped up in a fully WOKE green cocoon of carbon neutral sustainability.  They plan to control and own it all, including you and the body you inhabit.

We will have no nations, no borders, no possessions, no free will and no choices of where, when, how and why we live or work.  We will be observed, monitored and analyzed by millions of cameras and computers with facial recognition and the ability to sense emotion while our thoughts are transmitted by the nanochips and hardware implanted in what used to be called our brain.

Travel will be non-existent for all but the anointed few who have unparalleled access to everything they could desire.  The rest of us will live in human kennels called Mega-Cities where our allotted living quarters will be tailored to suit our station in life or perceived needs, seldom over 100 square feet per person.

Meat and animal products will be permanently off the menu for all but the power elite, replacing our need for protein with insect consumption "for the good of the environment".  Every freedom and comfort that we have known will come to an inglorious end for "the common good".





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