Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

The “Reintroduction” of the Predators and the threat to Farms and Ranches

August 21, 2018

Tuesday’s program will examine the misrepresented “reintroduction” of Canadian Gray wolves into the Yellowstone National Park aka Yellowstone International Biosphere during the Clinton Administration and the subsequent harm on western farming and ranching families that are at the center of the debate over grazing rights on public lands.   Our guests will be Bob Fanning and Dr. Valerius Geist, and the subject will be the proposed introduction of these same apex predators into the highly populated state of Colorado and the presence of a particularly virulent strain for parasite known as Echinococcus Granulosis  carried by these wolves that are a serious threat to humans and domestic animals as well as native game species. We will connect the dots between these radical large predator reintroductions and the destruction of traditional small farming and ranching operations that are dependent on grazing leases on public lands.

There is absolutely no justification for these radical apex predator policies, especially when there are known public health dangers and such enormous consequences for animal husbandry and rural American lifestyles.  Hear from two leading experts on the history and ecological consequences of a Federal policy known as Apex Predator Re-introduction that started as the brainchild of the radical environmentalist founder of Earth First, Dave Foreman.  This important radio broadcast will help you to Connect the Dots between radical environmentalism and the attacks on rural America that are destroying our way of life and our tradition of strong private property rights and freedom from tyranny.

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