Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

The United Kingdom and Europe - a vision for America’s future?

October 23, 2018

The United Kingdom and Western Europe has been the subject of social/political experimentation by globalist planners for nearly 100 years. National sovereignty has been sacrificed on the alter of One World socialist/Marxist government, and the New World Order technocrats are having a field day dismantling the great achievements of Western civilization. Their view of a “sustainable world” includes the destruction of industrial society, cultural advances, and Christianity. They see these as impediments to a communist world of control from cradle to grave by intellectual/financial elites that feel they know what’s best for society………especially when they are in charge; totally in charge.

This week's guest is film producer/director, Mark Sutherland. Mark was a key figure in the Brexit movement in the UK, producing and directing Flexcit the Movie: The Definitive EU EXIT Plan.  Mark has watched the globalist plans in Europe unfold and sees the many parallels with Deep State American policies and attempts by American Progressives to undermine the Trump Presidency. After the near destruction of the UK and Europe, Mark is warning America of what will happen to American exceptionalism if we don’t support the Trump Administration and make the success of the Mid-Term elections our highest priority.

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