Connecting the Dots w/Dan Happel

Turning Away from Communism

March 15, 2018

Last week we visited our institutions of higher learning with writer/speaker Holly Swanson to see how public education has been transformed into a system teaching conformity, social justice and technical skills rather than critical thinking and classical education.

This week we will examine the national and international transitioning of America’s political system during the Obama Administration to his vision of America that is no longer a free republic, but merely a part of a Marxist world government.  International forces are intent  on destroying all the elements of American exceptionalism that have made this nation unique in world history for it’s respect for individual liberty and economic opportunity and many element are now in place from the prior administration to facilitate that transition.  Our guest this week is Major General Paul Vallely (ret) who will explain how many of the problems that confront President Trump are a result of 8 years of “fundamental changes” that must be unwound before we can return to greatness.  General Vallely will discuss our international policies, the Middle East, Russia, China, North Korea, and why we need to reaffirm our national sovereignty.

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