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WORLD WAR DARPA - an update from Europe

April 22, 2022

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When it comes to political intrigue and corruption nothing seems to outdo American “intelligence” agencies and DARPA.

Every time there is a major crisis or international intrigue, we find that American political leaders, intelligence agencies, or both, are involved right up to their eyeballs.
Our guest George Webb is in Europe as an investigative journalist trying to expose the truth about DARPA funded bio-labs scattered around Ukraine and the rest of Europe. 
Are the reported 30 DARPA funded biolabs in Ukraine for real? 
Is Putin and the Russian military the aggressive bully that they are portrayed in the mainstream media, or are they merely trying to stop a threat posed by gene specific biological weapons developed by DOD/DARPA over 3 decades...
For the first time in history tinkering by the power elite promises to wipe humanity off the Earth.  Biological weapons of war have become so lethal and plentiful that we can no longer state with any certainty that the future is secure.
To make matters worse, these "thought leaders" have joined the ranks of global elites that see the whole of humanity as their private playground to experiment and tinker with to the brink of total annihilation.
At the center of this giant cluster...k are our own DOD/DARPA institutions, spreading their wealth of unthinkable horrors to secret weapons labs scattered all over the world.
Our guest George Webb has spent years peeling away the layers of the military industrial complex/political onion to expose the rotten core. 
In 2014 he made the connection between clandestine government operations and the 1,000 + government insider held Blackberry devices used for illegal covert communication. 
His latest expose' World War DARPA covers decades of off-the-books U.S. programs that make the world a much more dangerous place by recklessly amping up international intrigue. 
Meanwhile, the same intellectual giants that created DARPA are giving America's ideological enemy China, the economic keys to the kingdom, using China's rapidly expanding economic influence and power as a reason for even more off-the-books projects by DARPA.....cause, reaction, solution; the ultimate Hegelian Dialectic.
One thing we should know by now; whatever we hear and see coming out of the lamestream press and other public sources is probably nonsense, so let's keep our brains engaged until we can learn the truth!

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